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Some of our staff were lucky enough to have some ‘furry friends’ keep them company and assist with teaching online and working from home during lockdown earlier in the term.

Mr Simpson’s dog Wilson had a go at teaching online.

Ms O’Hara’s dog, Kobi loved coming to work and was fascinated by everything!

Ms Schulze’s helpers Leonidas and Alfred are still not convinced about this “going to work to get their kibble” concept.

Mrs Sykes’ coworkers, Potter and Malfoy pictured sleeping on the job!

Ms Capitanio’s dog Billie has just fallen in love with teaching Shakespeare.

Mrs Hurcombe’s dog Luna working hard from home.

Ms Brouwers cat, Popcorn (Poppy), joined her at her workstation each day.

Ms Pope’s dog Rigby (aka Giggy) can be seen here hard at work.

Mrs Carfora’s dog Nina kept her company.

Mrs Tidd’s assistants Jagger and Ollee can be seen here at her home workstation.

Ms Gaffney’s cat, Billie helped by sleeping on her office chair. Sometimes Ms Gaffney would have to work at her dining room table so she didn’t disturb Billie.

Mrs Nicholson’s dog Buddy helped with teaching from home.

Mrs Nicholson also had a new student in her Year 12 class, Leni Watts.