Sienna Leaney

College Leader

As a leader I would describe myself as: Honest, trustworthy, and approachable.

The thing that I do that I am the proudest of is: Being a part of multiple fundraisers for Parkinson’s SA to raise money for patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

My favourite TV programs are: The Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy.

My greatest sporting moment: Winning my netball grand final with my team.

My favourite band is: Chase Atlantic

My favourite song is: Is It Over Now? by Taylor Swift

Someone I admire: My parents for their dedication and perseverance in every task they complete.

My favourite book is: The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

In my spare time I like to: Go to the beach with friends and read books.

The best thing about attending SMC is: The fun and safe environment, as well as the sense of community with all students and staff.

One chore I don’t like doing is: The dishes.

Leadership means to me: Being a strong communicator, being able to adapt to various circumstances and being able to support others. As well as this, leadership means to have good teamwork skills and stepping back to let others to thrive.

I have a pet: Dog whose name is Dallas.

To be a Lasallian Leader means: Understanding the mission and vision of the College by including everyone and making everyone feel known in the community. Being a Lasallian leader is to make the school environment one where everyone feels comfortable and safe.

This year as a College Leader I wish to be best known as: kind and dedicated.

Five words which best describe my personality are: reliable, generous, optimistic, competitive, and empathetic.

A person I admire is: My cousin for her immense determination and hardworking personality and her ability to apply herself to everything she does.

If I could create one change for SMC in 2024 it would be: to have more activities run by students to express their interests to allow more people to feel included.

A quote that I believe in is: “Everything happens for a reason.”

Something funny that has happened to me was: Being with friends at recess and not being able to stop laughing over a silly joke.

A teacher at SMC I admire is: Mr Boyle for his approachable personality and his dedication to helping his students succeed.

Something interesting about me no one knows? That I have played netball for 10 years.