Hamish Beeby

College Leader

My name is: Hamish Beeby.

My Leadership role in 2024 at SMC is: College Leader.

As a leader I would describe myself as: Patient and helpful.

The thing that I do that I am the proudest of is: helping the community of St Michael’s because it allows me to give back to the community for what it has done greatly in the past.

My favourite TV program is: Ted Lasso.

My greatest sporting moment: being captain of my club soccer team.

My favourite band is: Tame Impala.

My favourite song is: Music Sounds Better With You by Stardust.

Someone I admire: Michael Jordan.

My favourite book is: Gone by Michael Grant.

In my spare time I like to: Play soccer.

The best thing about attending SMC is: the people and community around you.

Leadership means to me: To be a positive role model to other people around you, so that you can be looked up to.

To be a Lasallian Leader means: To help people as much as you can and follow in the footsteps of St John Baptist de La Salle.

This year as a College Leader I wish to be best known as: Someone who was helpful towards others.

Five words which best describe my personality are: Patient, helpful, outdoorsy, role-model and sporty.

A person I most admire is: My Grandfather.

If I could create one change for SMC in 2024 it would be: to have a teachers vs students soccer match in the middle of the year to raise money with proceeds going to a select charity.

A quote that I believe in is: One day or day one.

A teacher at SMC I admire is:   Mr Da Silva because he is always vibrant and hilarious.

Something interesting about me no one knows? I play the guitar.