Calvin Norris

Benilde House Captain

As a leader I would describe myself as: Hard working and determined to achieve the best possible result. I would say that I am a good leader and am someone that people can follow.

The things that I do that I am the proudest of are: Looking after my younger siblings because it creates less stress for my parents.

My favourite TV program is: Game of Thrones

My greatest sporting moment: Winning the Best and Fairest for my football team.

My favourite band is: Queen

Someone I admire: My dad.

My favourite book is: Catch-22

In my spare time I like to: Play sport.

The best thing about attending SMC is: The wide range of opportunities available to everyone.

One chore I don’t like doing is: Washing the dishes.

Leadership means to me: Leadership is about developing people and helping others reach their full potential. It’s about giving others the right tools and strategies not only to maximise the success of the team but also the lives of individuals

To be a Lasallian Leader means: Caring for everyone no matter who they are, as well as always being open to help someone and talk to them whenever required.

This year as a College Leader I wish to be best known as: Someone who strives to be the best they can be as well as allowing everyone to reach their potential.

A person I most admire is: Jackie Chan.

If I could create one change for SMC in 2024 it would be: Ensure that all new students have people to talk to .

A teacher at SMC I admire is: Mr Boyle because he is always positive and is a great person.