Boston Hodges

College Leader

As a leader I would describe myself as: Encouraging, resilient, determined

The thing that I do that I am the proudest of is: Play sport at a high level for my age because it makes my dad proud

My favourite TV program is: 504 (Fox Footy)

My greatest sporting moment: Winning silver in Under 18 State Baseball

My favourite band is: Ocean Alley

My favourite song is:  ASTROTHUNDER – Travis Scott

Someone I admire: My dad

My favourite book is: Geronimo Stilton

Funniest moment in my life was: Sailing with my mates

In my spare time I like to: Play any sport

The best thing about attending SMC is: Mateship

One chore I don’t like doing is: Dishes

Leadership means to me: Leading by example

I have a pet: Dog whose name is Indie

To be a Lasallian Leader means: Lead by example

This year as a College Leader I wish to be best known as: Someone who is good by leading by example

Five words which best describe my personality are: sporty, competitive, friendly, resilient, determined

A person I most admire is: Sam Mitchell

A quote that I believe in is: “Never say never, because limits, like fear, are often just an illusion.” – Michael Jordan

A teacher at SMC I admire is:  Mr Crouch

Something interesting about me no one knows: I have lost my last 9 grand finals I have been in!