Armani-Louise Rositano

College Leader

As a leader I would describe myself as: compassionate, open-minded, funny and willing to help others.

The things that I do that I am the proudest of are: all the initiatives that I have been able to take part in across my years in the College, especially the posters I would design for the Lasallian Leaders in 2023 because they not only allow me to be creative but allow me to connect with the community and grow a deeper understanding of current issues in the world.

Someone I admire is: my friends as they can put a smile on my face even when I am in a bad mood. They also support me no matter what and give me a sense of courage that I may not have found on my own.

The funniest moment in my life was: when I accidentally tripped down the stairs at school and pulled down one of my other friends with me as I was reaching for the railing, we both came tumbling down! However, we were able to get up and laugh it off and it is now a memory I hold close.

In my spare time, I like to: read, watch YouTube, talk with my friends or do something creative.

The best thing about attending SMC is: its inclusive community where everyone can make friends and build upon their interests.

Leadership means to me: supporting others around you and sticking up for what you believe is right. I also believe it is about sacrificing time to utilise it towards promoting or raising awareness on social justice issues.

I have a pet: cat whose nickname is Maze and she is an adorable black kitten who loves to get up to mischief and have naps.

This year as a College Leader I wish to be best known as: a reliable person who can help anyone out and who is a friendly and kind face that anyone is willing to approach.

Five words that best describe my personality are: kind, caring, funny, sincere and generous.

If I could create one change for SMC in 2024 it would be: to have more spaces where the older and younger cohorts can intermix to strengthen the community aspect at SMC.

A quote that I believe in is: “It is often that we are ruled by hate far more than we are ever controlled by love.”

A staff member at SMC I admire is: Sharina Rabusic as she has inspired me over the years to continue down the path of leadership, by making Lasallian Leaders a fun and exciting initiative to be a part of. Also, she is always happy to help those around her and can put a smile on everyone’s face she meets.