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St Michael’s College encourages each student to grow as a person in an environment where mutual respect and learning are held in the highest regard.

In keeping with its Lasallian ethos, our curriculum embraces all key learning areas and gives special attention to literacy and numeracy. It is responsive to the changing demands of a modern, forward-looking education system and strives to give all students the opportunity to reach their full potential.

For highly motivated students and those displaying special gifts or talents, a differentiated curriculum is available to accelerate and enrich their progress.

For more information on the curriculum at St Michael’s College, please view the Curriculum Handbooks below.


There are six essential elements to our curriculum

  • Accessing an inclusive curriculum, which caters for differing learning styles and abilities;
  • Learning individually and collaboratively and communicating effectively;
  • Thinking creatively and critically to gain knowledge and apply skills;
  • Participating in a community of learners that contribute to the development of, and are enriched by each individual member;
  • Being a child of God, valued for the contribution made to the social and cultural diversity of the College;
  • Being informed citizens who act with integrity.