Absentee Line - Text 0417 596 611 or Phone Primary 8150 2397, Secondary 8150 2323 or Email student.reception@smc.sa.edu.au

Student Services

Learning support and student counselling teams target the specific needs of students who have been identified as requiring in-class support, group and individual assistance or extension.

These areas are targeted in the following ways:

  • Literacy and numeracy and social/emotional intervention.
  • Identify and inform students with learning and/or social and emotional needs.
  • Assess/refer for further assessment to be administered by an outside professional.
  • Resource/support adjustments/differentiation/student plans/modified report/personalised report.
  • Monitor/communicate, track progress and prioritise needs.
  • Regularly review students on learning support programs and counselling and wellbeing ongoing

All classrooms are fitted with a Soundfield Audio System. This system provides students with equal opportunity to hear the teacher’s instruction from any location in the classroom.

Specific Programs/Support on offer are:

English as an Additional Language

Oral Language and Literacy support for students where English is not their first language.

Levelled Literacy Intervention Reading Program

Designed for students to develop a variety of strategies for decoding and comprehending text.

Multi-Sensory Literacy Program

A program that supports literacy learning by simultaneously accessing visual, auditory and kinaesthetic platforms

Literacy Support

Support in the development of skills and strategies to become more confident and capable with literacy include writing, comprehension and organisational skills.

Fundamental Motor Skills

This program is designed to develop fine and gross motor skills to improve independence and self-management.

In Class Support

Support with adjustments and modifications for students and teachers within the classroom environment.

Chasing Monsters

A program designed to assist primary aged students experiencing differing levels of anxiety in primary aged children.


A musical therapy program designed to build resilience through rhythm.


Exploring emotions safely while having a lot of fun

Class Yoga

Reduces stress, improves students listening skills and strengthens body, mind and spirit.

Fitness Boxing

A fitness regime which supports children to deal with stress, intense emotions and improves confidence.

Friend to friend

A program which supports children wanting to improve their friendships.

Games Factory

Class or small group activities designed to improve students’ ability to work in teams.

Family Support - Grief & Loss

A counsellor program which supports families dealing with the challenges of grief and loss.

Seasons for Growth

A peer support program which assists children to deal with change, grief and loss.