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Year 1 Inquiry Learning & Visit to the Adelaide Zoo

In Year 1, we are ‘Protectors of Creation’! Students have been learning about the needs of living things and how the places they live meet these needs. Through their inquiries, they have demonstrated care for God’s gifts and researched some big issues such as deforestation, plastic pollution, global warming and climate change. Each Year 1 class was also surprised with a class pet – Shelly the long neck turtle, Jess the sleepy lizard and Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, La La and Po the mice.

As part of our Inquiry Learning, Year 1 students visited the Adelaide Zoo last Friday. Students participated in a ‘Surviving and Thriving’ workshop where they designed a suitable habitat for Harriet the Hosmer Skink Lizard. They observed various animal habitats at the Zoo and analysed how their needs were met in their enclosures. Some of our favourite zoo animals were the giraffes, hippos, alligators and penguins. We also enjoyed watching the keepers feed the Giant Pandas and the Sea Lions perform their tricks!

Our Year 1 students have suggested ways that you can protect God’s gifts too…

“Ride your bike to school” – Ethan

“Use reusable water bottles because plastic ones take up to 1000 years to break down” – Hayden

“Recycle!” – Vincenzo

“Use scrap paper for drawing to save trees” – Gabriella

“The gases from factories and cars are hurting the Earth so we should use less electricity and cars” – Michael

“You can pick up rubbish so that it doesn’t go into the ocean” – Tina Marie

“Don’t cut down trees because that is the habitat for animals” – James

“Take care of animals by giving them food and water” – Milan

Billie Tanner, Year 1 Teacher