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Pulse Showcase 2023

What a decade it was – The 80s! This year’s Pulse Concert paid homage to the wonderful music and musicians from the 80s. 24 wonderful music ensembles performed for an extremely appreciative audience of around 700 people. It was so great to see so many audience members dressed in their 80s gear too! Huge thanks to everyone who contributed so much towards making Pulse 15 the amazing night that it was. Special thanks in particular to Mrs. Burns for assisting with the MC’ing, along with students Kiara, Tanmay and Ryan. Please enjoy the amazing pictures and videos of this memorable night! – Tim Donovan, Director of Music

Speaking of iconic 80s bands, I went to a pub the other night, and the band was playing cheesy 80s music – I ran…….. I ran so far away.

Our Pulse Concerts have long become an important tradition at St. Michael’s and over the years, we’ve brought you the best of our students’ talents and hard work. We have had high profile guest artists… including James Morrison, The Zep Boys, and last year The Australian Billy Joel Tribute Show. We have had Tributes to Aretha Franklin and The Beatles. This year is just for our students and special guests, performing in over 20 ensembles, for this Tribute to the fabulous 80s. Thank you everyone who has come together to make this magical night possible!

KIARA What did Darth Vader say when the record store employee told him they were out of George Michael albums? I find your lack of “Faith” disturbing….