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2023 SALA Exhibition

On Friday 11 August, we celebrated the inaugural St Michael’s College SALA Exhibition, ‘Divergent’. This large-scale exhibition showcased a diverse collection of Visual Art works of our St Michaels College students, spanning from Year 7 to Year 12.

Warmly welcomed by Leader of Learning Visual Arts, Nicole Le Ray Warren and in collaboration with the insightful words of our Principal, Tony Daley, who’s praise for our students and the outstanding quality of their work resonated with families in attendance.

The exhibition was officially opened by renowned South Australian Indigenous artist, David Booth. Mr Booth has shared his passion for working with our students and nurturing them as emerging visual artists. His involvement has offered our students a unique insight into the world of Indigenous Australian art. Through these collaborations, our students have not only gained understanding but have also deepened their own practical experiences.

The Divergent Exhibition created a palpable sense of excitement in the LEC in the days leading up to the opening. Providing students with the opportunity to display their works is an important part of their creative journey and allows them to see their work in a different context, contribute to the cultural conversation and inspire other emerging artists within the community. Further contributing to the essence of the evening was the music accompaniment, with performances from a range of our vocalists and musicians, which truly encapsulating the diversity of talent within the Arts at SMC.

As part of our ongoing commitment to building productive partnerships with the community, Divergent was a wonderful opportunity for families to come together, socialise and celebrate the achievements of our young people. This event not only showcased the remarkable talents of our students but also highlighted the significance of art in bridging connections and shaping meaningful experiences at St Michael’s College.

The success of events like Divergent is testament to the commitment and efforts of our dedicated teaching, administration and maintenance staff. We extend our gratitude to those who poured their time, energy, and expertise into making this event a resounding success.