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On Friday 29 October, Secondary Campus staff came together in a shared morning tea in conjunction with Frocktober 2021, and in honour of a much loved and missed colleague, Jenna Crierie, who was sadly lost to ovarian cancer in October 2020 at age 33.

Our connection to Frocktober began when Jenna was approached by the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) to be involved. Her cousin, talented Adelaide fashion designer, Jaimie Sortino, also became part of the fundraising team creating a couture gown to be modelled by the OCRF Patron, the Honorable Julie Bishop. The project is a way to share Jenna’s story, provide support to other women affected by the disease and raise urgently needed funds for the research projects undertaken by OCRF.  For the second time in two years, former Foreign Minister Ms Julie Bishop will wear a custom-made pink gown designed by Jaimie to raise awareness of this insidious disease. Unfortunately, no early detection test is available at present for this kind of cancer.

On the day, staff raised approximately $350 in cash donations, and the College community has raised $600 on the ‘Frocktober for Jenna’ fundraising page. Thank you to all involved in the St Michael’s event, and to all those in the wider community who donated to support this wonderful cause. If you would like to contribute to Frocktober for Jenna, please click here to donate.


Week 4: Perseverance

When my children were little, one of our favourite stories to tell at bedtime was the story of the Little Red Engine. They would wait for however many laboured ‘I think I cans’, until that little engine made it over the hill. As we told the story we could always see the hope, excitement, and happiness in their tiny faces as that persistent engine overcame the summit and rattled off with great joy! I really loved to see that innocent outpouring of emotion that responded in such a heartfelt way to the plight of others even without intention.

That really feels like yesterday…and in case you haven’t yet noticed, another year is flying by. It is now less than two months until Christmas and the Pageant is next week! Many of us will start dusting off Christmas decorations soon!

At this stage of the year, Week 4 Term 4, when the weather has almost decided to shed its winter coat and prepare for summer, it’s typical that all of us are feeling a bit tired. At least twice in the past week in my communication with families, parents have commented ‘the holidays are close!’

In truth, I think that as teachers we start to think about this time with mixed feelings. It’s true that we are all tired, and the past two years have been wearing in different ways, and yes, we can all benefit from a rest. But we also start to think about the students and colleagues we will farewell and miss, the times we have shared, the growth we have seen, and this is also emotional.

In leading up to the holidays, when students, families and school staff are tired, the combination of fatigue and emotions can challenge us all.

Perseverance is the ideal strength to call on in moments like these. It sits squarely at the foundation of ‘grit’, that powerful stuff that helps us to carry on, even when we are exhausted, or things look their bleakest. Eventually, if we persevere, we reach our goals, whatever they might be, just like the Little Red Engine.

Faith is an important element that can help us to persevere which shouldn’t be underestimated, as prayer and attention to our many blessings can help us keep an even balance and help us stay on course despite challenge. When hope joins the party too, this can help to create the silver lining at the edge of the clouds. Suddenly, the outlook can become a little rosier and we think we can!

Setting goals and little achievable steps can help us along our journey, and students have been encouraged towards this at each term change this year.

While we cannot always feel energised, full of positivity and be smiling, we can be aware of how we are feeling and take steps to work on areas that can use a boost. Perseverance is an important one in this context.

This week my advice on helping to develop perseverance to students included the following elements:

  1. Seeing failure as an opportunity for growth.
  2. Aiming to be 1% better every day.
  3. Understanding what the obstacles are.
  4. Exercising regularly.
  5. Building a support network.
  6. Keeping our goals in focus.
  7. Setting clear benchmarks that show our achievements.
  8. Remembering our purpose.

Little steps can help us to persevere and develop the confidence to explore our curiosities and be the leaders and learners of the world!

Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend ahead… may perseverance help all of us succeed in thinking we can, and may we eventually celebrate knowing we could!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader


It is with great pride that we wish to advise the school community of our support of various charities with a portion of our Mission Action Day (MAD) money and refundable container deposit funds in the amount of $20,000. This is in addition to the funds distributed to the Lasallian Mission projects overseas. The school also supports many other organisations during the course of the year including but not limited to Cancer Council, Prostate Cancer research and Ovarian cancer research.

The St Michael’s Mission and Vision statement clearly states a commitment to “A quality Lasallian education, inspired by the Gospel and a concern for social justice”. Our actions also support the Catholic Social Teaching Principles:

  • Human dignity
  • Solidarity with the poor
  • Stewardship of Creation
  • Preferential option for the poor
  • The common good
  • Subsidiarity
  • Participation
  • Economic Justice

More information can be found here.

The charities supported are: St Vincent de Paul, Catherine House, Hutt St Centre, The Adelaide Day Centre for Homeless Persons INC, Caritas Australia, Catholic Mission, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC), Catholic Charities SA, Louise Place, Kids Help Line and Headspace.

Year 7 and 8 Pastoral classes are currently supporting the Vinnies Christmas food drive for the Henley Parish, Year 9 students are supporting the Adelaide Day Centre with children’s gifts for Christmas, and Year 10 students are supporting the Australian Refugee Association (ARA’s) Christmas gift drive in conjunction with the Year 10 Lasallian Youth Leaders.

Once again thank you to the College community for your generous support.

Mr Robert Dempsey, Director of Mission and Mr Sam Kitschke, Director of Pastoral


It’s that time of year again when the Music Department is asking for participants in this year’s ‘SMC’S GOT TALENT’ extravaganza.

Our annual talent show will take place in the last week of school (Thursday 2 December after lunch) and is a wonderful way for all members of the SMC community to wind down after a hectic school year.

All students and staff are eligible to participate, all you need to do is come up with any type of performance that shows off a talent or skill that you believe needs to be shared with the world!

Entry is free and participants simply need to email Mr Musci to nominate themselves ASAP.

Successful contestants will be contacted closer to the event. Don’t be shy, start rehearsing now and contact Mr Musci so you can be part of this great event.

Mr James Musci, Head of Music – Secondary