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College Leader David Levett

As a leader I would describe myself as a good listener and communicator as listening to others’ ideas can build new ideas to build your confidence.

I am the proudest of balancing school work with home life because it’s not easy to manage your work time and social time, but once you find the balance, you can accomplish more than you’d ever expect.

My favourite artists are Post Malone and The Weeknd.

Someone I admire is my father.

The best thing about attending SMC is the people you get to meet and the support you get from your peers and teachers.

To be a Lasallian Leader means to be part of a strong spiritual community and being able to count on one another.

This year as a College Leader, I wish to be best known as a reliable leader you can always count on.

Five words which best describe my personality are friendly, thoughtful, determined, reliable, and sometimes awkward!

A quote that I believe in is “Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong”.

A teacher at SMC I admire is Mr De Silva because he always has a story to tell and is always understanding of the situation you are in.

Benilde House Captain Andre Melki

As a leader I would describe myself as disciplined, respectful, team orientated, and mindful of others.

I am the proudest of getting along well with everyone and providing everyone with a sense of belonging because it makes me happy to see others happy, especially when you are the person to contribute to another’s happiness.

My greatest sporting moment was my first mountain bike race for the school. Although we didn’t come first, it was still good to work in a group with members from the College I had never met.  We worked so well together.

My favourite songs are Nuestra Cancion by Monsieur Perine, Dancing in the Moonlight by Top Loader, and Exit Sign by Hilltop Hoods.

Someone I admire is my dad, as despite his slowly deteriorating body over numerous years of physical work, he is still up and about providing a roof over our head and the ability for me to go to a private school.

The best thing about attending SMC is the teachers, as they know how to balance the teaching with humour and practical activity, calling upon students for their opinion on a question.

I have a pet dog named Cleo and she is a staffy!

To be a Lasallian Leader means sacrificing your time for the greater good, whether it be working in teams with fellow leaders or staff to best find a solution to a problem.

A quote that I believe in is “focus on the negatives you’ll get negatives, focus on the positives you’ll get positives”.

A teacher at SMC I admire is Mr Anderson because he inspires students to be the best they can be and works with student capabilities, and pushes them to help better themselves.


On Tuesday 17 May, Year 10 Food Technology students attended a cooking class at TAFE SA. Chef Anthony showed our students how to make traditional Korean Fried Chicken and a passionfruit Bavarian for dessert. Students had a fantastic time learning new skills in a hands-on environment.

Ms Myri Kyriacou, Food Technology Assistant


Week 3: Perseverance

When my children were little, one of our favourite stories to tell at bedtime was the story of the Little Red Engine. They would wait for however many laboured ‘I think I cans’ until that little engine made it over the hill. As we told the story, we could always see the hope, excitement and happiness in their tiny faces as that persistent engine overcame the summit and rattled off with great joy! I really loved to see that innocent outpouring of emotion that responded in such a heartfelt way to the plight of others, even without intention.

That really feels like yesterday…and in case you haven’t yet noticed, another year is flying by. We are well into Term 2!

Perseverance sits squarely at the foundation of ‘grit’, that powerful stuff that helps us to carry on, even when we are exhausted, or things look their bleakest. Eventually, if we persevere, we reach our goals, whatever they might be, just like the Little Red Engine.

Faith is an important element that can help us to persevere, which shouldn’t be underestimated, as prayer and attention to our many blessings, gratitude can help us keep an even balance and help us stay on course despite challenges. When hope joins the party, too, this can help to create the silver lining at the edge of the clouds. Suddenly, the outlook can become a little rosier, and we think we can!

Setting goals and little achievable steps can help us along our journey, and students have been encouraged towards this in recent weeks.

While we cannot always feel energised, full of positivity and be smiling, we can be aware of how we are feeling and take steps to work on areas that can use a boost. Perseverance is an important one in this context.

This week we celebrated our Founder, St John Baptist de La Salle, in a Whole School Mass. The format of the Mass itself, live-streamed perfectly to all classes simultaneously, is an example of perseverance in itself, but without the perseverance of St John Baptist de La Salle, we may not be here at all! It was inspiring to hear Father Paul speak about the curiosity and the wonder of little children, who are present and embrace opportunities in the moment, and the Communion Reflection reminded us of the importance of “dreaming our way forward”.

We all know people who stay strong and positive, despite the challenges and disappointments they confront on their journey. The experiences of the last two years are a testament to our perseverance as individuals and as a community. Little steps; setting goals, celebrating the milestones, supporting each other, and looking back in gratitude and forward in hope, can help us to persevere and develop the confidence to explore our curiosities and be the leaders and learners of the world!

Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend ahead… may perseverance help all of us succeed in thinking we can, and may we eventually celebrate knowing we could!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Wellbeing Initiatives Leader


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