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Religion and Spirituality


What a beautiful Wednesday morning. There was a sense of stillness and silence in the air that suggested this was a special day. The school Chapel doors opened early. The light filtering through the stained-glass windows of our Lord and the Archangel Saint Michael filled the sacred space with a golden hue. On one side of the Altar stood a table adorned with a blue cloth. A tray with the Leader Badges and the Commemorative Polo Tops were placed on it. The candles were lit.

Today, 23 February, we gathered for our first Mass of the year – the Year 6 Leadership Mass, presided by Fr Lancy. We gathered to celebrate our Year 6 students and to recognise our new House Leaders and Faith Service Community Leaders for 2022, strengthening them for their roles with our prayers. The Year 6 Commemorative Polo Shirts and Leader Badges were blessed by Father during the Mass. Our new leaders were invited to come forward to collect their badge and they did so with a great sense of awe, joy, and pride. May they be guided in a practical and spiritual way by the trusted adults in their lives, especially their families and their teachers, Mr Damian Basso and Mr Anthony Martino, to carry out their responsibilities to the best of their abilities. May they be the guiding light in the lives of those they serve, especially those in need. We trust in God, our Good Shepherd, and in St John Baptist de La Salle, our Founder, to guide our School Leaders and all Year 6 students throughout this new school year.

We extend our warm congratulations to all our School Leaders for 2022, including the Primary Campus Leaders who were presented with their badge at the end of last year.

Primary Campus Leaders: Joseph Esposito, Tyhsen Javier, Cooper McLaughlin, Luca Montagnese, Liam O’Brien, Fraser Oppermann, Samarbeer Singh Sandhu, and Charlie Santos Tait.

House Leaders: James Del Bono, John Hallak, Finn Maddern, Frank Marino, Hunter Marr, Ari Parisi, Marko Perac, and Daniel Romano.

Faith Service Community Leaders: Alexander Gardiner, Rocco Parisi, Lucas Strelan, and Sotirios Tsaconas.

Let our greatest passion, be compassion. 
Our greatest strength, love. 
Our greatest victory, the reward of peace. 
In leading, let us never fail to follow. 
In loving, let us never fail.  

(Excerpt from Leadership Prayer, St Michael’s Year 6 Leadership Mass)

Mrs Patrizia Puglia, Director of Religion and Spirituality – Primary