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Primary Campus

Reception Fairy Bread Day

Australia’s Sweetest Day – Fairy Bread Day!

On November 24, the Primary Campus held its second transition session for our Reception starters – Term 1, 2023.

Our Lasallian STARs, along with our current and new Reception students, were invited to enjoy a slice of everybody’s favourite ‘Fairy Bread’!  Thank you to Mrs Karen Bourn and the class of 2M for their kindness in preparing the Fairy Bread.  The class took it in turns of buttering the bread and spreading it with joy & sprinkles, as well as participating in an online ‘Sprinkles’ task and Australia’s Sweetest Fairy Bread Day activities. It was a lovely addition to our Bake Sale Day raising funds for Kids Helpline.

Fairy Bread Day. A big idea that started small!

Back in the day, November 24, 2014, to be precise, founder Adam Schell jokingly said over a slice of Fairy Bread, “There should be a day to celebrate this!”.

“Well mate, why don’t you make one?”, was his friend’s response. And as simple as that, Fairy Bread Day has been celebrated on November 24 ever since.

An irresistible slice of nostalgia, reminiscent of simpler times, Fairy Bread Day is a celebration of Aussie culture. From teachers to tradies, young and old, Fairy Bread Day is now celebrated all around Australia and even around the world, with expats relishing in a slice of home!

Proudly sponsored by Australia’s leading sprinkle connoisseur’s, Dollar Sweets, Fairy Bread Day has evolved over the past year to become about more than just the sweet slice of childhood.

In 2020, Fairy Bread Day announced its partnership with Australia’s leading online mental health service, ReachOut. Since then, with your help we have raised over $60,000 to help support Australia’s youth. Continuing our partnership in 2022, Fairy Bread Day is dedicated to Sprinkling Kindness and hosting space for important conversations around mental health.

Miss Madeline Cole and Ms Karen Bourn, Reception Teachers

Arch D Podcast Awards 2022 – You gotta be in it to win it!

Over 1000 students from 29 different schools and colleges have participated in the ARCH D Podcast program this year. Our Primary students were nominated in not one or two, but three categories – a big achievement and worthy to note.

It gives me great pleasure to recognise the following students who were nominated:

Podcaster of the year (Primary)

An award for a student that demonstrated leadership within their podcasting community, elevating the quality of both their own and other’s podcast work to the highest standard.
LLL: Thriving people, capable learners, leaders for the world god desires

  • Frank Marino – Year 6

Most creative podcast (Primary)

The most entertaining episode that went “outside-of-the-box” in terms of ideas, script, structure, interviewing or storytelling.   

LLL Capability: Knowledgeable, Inquisitive & Innovative

  • The House on Wheels: Andreas, Tex, Caiden & Mark the Robot – Year 5

Podcast team of the year (Primary)

The team that stood out the most as “self-aware, collaborative & socially adept” and used these skills to create a quality podcast.

  • Frank M, Tyhsen Javier, Charlie Santos Tait – The Taxi Ride of Terror – Year 6

The awards were a formal (1970’s disco themed), red carpet event held at the DeBourg Auditorium at Sacred Heart College on Sunday, November 27. And though we didn’t take out the top spot it was a wonderful experience to be among the cool and the creative who were gathered to celebrate all things podcasting.

Back at school this semester …

The Year 6 podcast crew have made history by achieving their Level 3 podcast – quite a rare achievement for primary aged students and we hope they can continue with their skills at secondary school.

Special mentions to the students above but also

Benjamin, Jeremy, Matthew, and Sebastian Krol with an episode entitled The Tale of the Sham Serpent.

The whole of Year 5 also achieved their Level One this year so watch this space for how we continue in 2023 with some ‘live’ episodes from the primary campus and a new group of Year 5 beginning their level one.

We are lucky we have industry standard equipment and great students who are prepared to step outside their comfort zone to share their ideas and stories with the world.

Sometimes it really is cool to be at school. #alwayslearningalwayswillbe

Ms Joanne Gilmore, Director of Teaching and Learning

Primary Bake Sale

On Thursday November 24 the Primary House Captains led a whole school Bake Sale. The baked goods were generously donated by families of St Michael’s and were purchased by hungry and excited students at both recess and lunch. The House Captains organized, managed and ran the Bake Sale on the day raising over $800 for the Kids Helpline. In combination with the money they raised from the school Disco we will be able to give the Kids Helpline a donation of over $1800! Well done Frank M, Finn M, Ari P, Hunter M, Daniel R, James D-B, Marko P and John H! A big thank you also to our community for the delicious and generous donations.

Miss Annabel Lampard, Heath and Physical Education Teacher

Primary Disco

On Friday November 25, St Michael’s students returned to school past dismissal in their best dresses, dancing shoes and disco outfits for a night of music, dancing and fun. This was a student led idea from our Year 6 House Captains. From 5pm – 6.15pm students from Reception to Year 2 attended the Early Primary disco, collecting popcorn and a drink and dancing the night away. The students were treated to music by our resident DJ, Mr. Luke Tieppo and a set from our talented Primary Staff Band. The House Captains also led them through some games such as musical bobs, and an air guitar competition. As the sun set a little further the Year 3-6 children showed up for their disco. They were also treated to the same musical delights however, also managed to encourage a student /teacher dance off! We believe the teachers won this one…! A huge thank you to all the Primary Staff that assisted the disco and the House Captains for the fantastic initiative.

Miss Annabel Lampard, Heath and Physical Education Teacher


Planting a Rainbow 

“Every child needs a rainbow garden because rainbows just make your heart burst with happiness” – Harrison T 

The Lasallian STARS have been busy creating a Rainbow Garden for the Early Primary students to enjoy in the Eastern Nature Play area.  The idea of a Rainbow Garden came from the wonderings of the STARS during their inquiry into flowering plants and the wish for all children to experience the happiness that rainbows bring.  A ‘Rainbow Garden Shop’ was created to sell seed packages so families could also grow a rainbow at home, over 180 seed packages were sold much to the delight of our STARS!  Money raised was used to purchase plants and with the assistance of our Year 6 buddies the flowers were planted.  Well done STARS, your shared dream has created a beautiful space in our College community, a space that will bring much happiness and joy for all students.

Ms Belinda Melville-Jones and Ms Gloria-Rita Maieli, Lasallian STARS Teacher 


Let your light shine! – Lasallian STARS Liturgy and Portfolio Presentation

What an amazing learning journey our Lasallian STARS have had since starting school this semester – they have shown themselves to be capable, confident, creative, courageous, and caring. Last Thursday our STARS celebrated their time in the Lasallian STARS class with their families at a liturgy and portfolio presentation. Our youngest learners were excited to showcase their learning in the beautiful Rainbow Garden they had created. A garden they gifted to the school community from a wish for all children to experience the happiness and joy rainbows bring. A big congratulations to our STARS; may your beaming light continue to shine in all that you do and say as you embark on your next school adventure.

Ms Belinda Melville-Jones and Ms Gloria-Rita Maieli, Lasallian STARS Teachers


Art Gallery SA comes to the Primary Campus:

Year 2 art classes had an incursion in the art centre conducted by Amanda from the Art Gallery of South Australia. The students discussed and explored portraiture from the gallery’s collection and then went about making their portrait box. Amanda brought some great new materials with her, and the students (and staff) loved using them. The paint sticks were particularly fun to use.

One could choose 5 objects to put inside the box from a tray of assorted items such as mini pinecones, rosemary, coloured ribbons etc to tell a story about yourself. The end result was to produce a box expressing “My portrait, My Story”. It was a very engaging workshop and a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Ms Kate Tyrwhitt, Art & Design Teacher 


Inspiring and uniting South Australians through cricket

The First Nations Cricket carnival went off with a great start with beautiful weather and a Welcome to Country with Major “Moogy” Sumner. Held at Gladys Elphick/ Narnungga Park with spectacular views of the north west end of the city and the RAH.

Carter, Mason, Charlie, Bodhi and Lachlan participated in a range of fun skill-based activities lead by SACA and Tjindu Foundation secondary students. Several Redback players were in attendance to meet with the students.

It was a fantastic day and a great opportunity for our First Nations students.

Ms Kate Tyrwhitt, Art & Design Teacher 


Untold Productions Film RAP process video

Josh Trevorrow Ngarrindjeri film maker, Renata the cinematographer, and Uncle Mark Koolmatrie visited the school on Wednesday week 7 to film a video about our Reconciliation Action Plan process and our vision for the future. Of particular focus was in relation to sustainability, respect, care for our country and miwi (listening to our gut). Uncle Mark brought his story stick which he explained to the Year 4 students while they watched Seeds of Change – a short film by Josh Trevorrow and commissioned by Country Arts SA. This short film was filmed on Ngarrindjeri country and explains the importance of “Ngatji” totemism-protecting a plant or animal in our lifetime so that we can all care for country.

Uncle Mark also discussed the importance of being on country and really observing it. The students and Uncle Mark went into the school garden and wetlands to look around and listen to our miwi to see if there’s a plant or animal that we can connect with. At lunch time, the whole primary campus went on the oval for a shared “nude food ” picnic while Renata filmed from her drone. This caused MUCH excitement! Our First Nations students were a part of this experience and Mason and Charlie from Year 2 were involved in filmed interviews with some of their classmates. There was some great discussion and we are very much looking forward to seeing the finished film for our school website, socials and the wider community such as Reconciliation SA, Narragunnawali, and the Catholic Education Office.

Ms Kate Tyrwhitt, Art & Design Teacher


Early Primary Christmas Play

On Wednesday the Early Primary Classes presented a Christmas Play called ‘A Miracle in Town’. The Lasallian STARS, Receptions and Year 1s have been busy rehearsing their songs and dance moves in their music lessons ready to confidently perform. The Year 2 students worked hard to learn their scripts as they took on different roles throughout the play. Our audience was amazed with the beautiful singing and performances by all students. A special thank you to Mrs Holly Dineen and Miss Gaertner-Jones for their preparation and organisation in getting ready for our Christmas Musical and to our Early Primary parents for their coordination in creating the fantastic costumes for their children! 

Miss Madeline Cole, Ms Holly Dinnen and Miss Talia Gaertner-Jones 


Year 6 Presentation Evening

As another school year draws to a close, we congratulate our Year 6 students on their graduation from the Primary campus. A range of events were held during the week to celebrate this significant milestone, with the Year 6 Presentation Evening and liturgy on Thursday December 8th. This is the celebration night for our Year 6 cohort who were each acknowledged on stage and six outstanding achievement awards were presented. We acknowledge and congratulate the award winners below and also thank them for their contributions, and we wish all of the Year 6’s a fantastic end to the year as they embark on their new secondary school journey.

Co-Curricular – Sport

The 2022 Sporting Co-Curricular award is presented to a student that has made an outstanding contribution to the school sporting program, displaying the key attributes that make a great sportsperson along with performing at a high level individually and achieving some incredible results for our school. This student has contributed to all aspects of our co-curricular sporting program throughout his schooling experience from Reception to Year 6..

  • This year alone he has represented the College in the following sports:
  • Year 5/6 Football team
  • Year 6 Basketball team
  • SAPSASA Western District Football team
  • SAPSASA Western District swimming team
  • SAPSASA Western District Athletics team
  • SAPSASA Cross Country trial team.
  • Catholic Schools Swimming, Athletics and Cross-Country teams.

Some notable individual achievements include:  

  • Selection as pentathlon Athlete at the Catholic Schools Division 1 Athletics Carnival
  • 5th in the Open boys 100m freestyle event at State Day
  • Silver medal in 50m breaststroke at State Day
  • Gold medal in the under 11 boys relay at State Day
  • Bronze medal under 12 relay at State Day
  • 1st in the high jump at the SAPSASA Western Athletics Trials
  • Top 20 at the Catholic Schools Cross Country carnival .

It gives us great pleasure to award the Outstanding Contribution to College Sports award for 2022 to Finn Maddern 


Co Curricular – Music

Throughout his years at the Primary Campus this student has been part of the many aspects of our music program. Dave Grohl of the Foo fighters once said, “A lot of people from my generation of music are so focused on playing things correctly or to perfection that they’re stuck in that safe place”. This student is definitely not stuck in a safe place.

In 2022 especially, he has gained confidence in his music ability, learnt to trust his instincts, and to not be afraid to take risks.  In terms of participation this student has been part of the Instrumental Program, Stage Band, Primary Rock Band and Percussion Ensemble.  His particular talent is being able to interpret music and lead on their instrument while not overpowering tone, overall sound or band they are playing with.  He can, create rhythms in music, when there is nothing written on the page purely based on his ear a rare talent indeed.

This student has been recognised by instrumental staff and music staff both at the Primary and Secondary campuses for how easily they read music but also their ability to feel the music and interpret it in their own way – a skill that you can’t teach. It’s therefore, my pleasure to give the award for Music to Archie Duffett.


Academic Excellence

The College Primary Values are qualities that we desire our students to put into action and aspire to. They assist students in the pursuit of academic success. This student has consistently displayed them, along with higher order thinking skills. His ability to put his ideas and thoughts down in written form show a maturity beyond his years. He possesses an inquiring mind, highlighting a logical approach to problem solving, showing tenacity and a willingness to act on feedback in order to improve. He brings this same attitude when working collaboratively. His excellent behaviour in class and tremendous work ethic has allowed him to make the most of the learning opportunities available in Year 6; being highly organised has assisted him with this also. His dedicated approach to learning is a wonderful example to his peers and he has maintained a high level of achievement across all learning areas.

A respectful and thoughtful class member and Primary Campus Leader, it is with great pleasure that we acknowledge Joseph Esposito’s talents with the  award for academic excellence.


College Service Award

This student is known as the quiet achiever, with many strings to his bow. Gifted with talents in the sporting area, he has excelled greatly in school soccer, SAPSASA soccer and tennis. He has a keen eye for drawing and designing and his artistic qualities have taken him to places outside of the classroom and into the community. He was one of three young men to win and represent the college for the South Australian Refugee Week poster competition and finalist in the NAIDOC week poster competition. He was a valuable member of this year’s school choir, who stole the show at the Catholics School’s Music Festival. In addition, this student has spent countless after school hours voicing his opinions and honing his technical skills with the podcasting production team recognised with a nomination for the Primary Podcast episode of the year.  The dedication and commitment of this student to all aspects of College Life has been outstanding this year.

It gives us great pleasure to award the College Service award to Charlie Santos Tait.


Primary Values Award

Our Primary Values encapsulate the qualities and learning characteristics that we believe assist students in their pursuit for learning and set them up with strategies that could help them with the inevitable challenges of life we all face. In developing the Primary Values our students are setting themselves up for success. This student always demonstrates a determined and resilient mindset. His inquisitive mind fuels his curiosity and thirst for new knowledge and concepts in the classroom.  This student contributes effectively as part of a team to ensure success, no matter the task. When interacting with others in his role as a leader, he consistently conducted himself with consideration and respect for all. This young man is expressive in many ways, with an artistic flair in creative tasks, on the sporting field and in voicing his opinion through podcasting. A true all-rounder and a valued collaborator in all fields, this student contributes effectively as part of a team to ensure success, no matter the task.

It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge Tyhsen Javier’s qualities and efforts in 2023 with our Primary Values award.   


Lasallian Spirit Award

St. John Baptist de La Salle once said, “Example makes a much greater impression than words.”  This student embodies these words from our Founder. Readily involving himself in the extra curricula activities that the school provides, his enthusiasm is contagious. A highly motivated learner, his friendly and cheerful persona, along with exemplary behaviour, have made him a pleasure to teach. He lives the school motto ‘Be the Best you can Be’ and uses his initiative to implement change in both learning tasks and community events for his peers. This student has represented our College proudly through his involvement in podcasting, being recognised for creative contributions in this field at a state level, helping establish a new avenue of expression here at school. He has also distinguished himself in a House Captain leadership position, always allowing his actions to speak for themselves.

These qualities make him an excellent ambassador for the College and an extremely worthy recipient of the Lasallian Spirit Award. Congratulations Frank Marino.