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Primary Campus

2021 WRAP UP

And so, to the end of 2021. In some ways it has been a more challenging year than 2020; who thought that was possible? I think a lot of us, myself included, were convinced that by entering the year 2021 all the challenges with COVID-19 would now be in the rear-view mirror. How wrong we were…

Despite the challenges, there have been many highlights. Here are a few of my personal highlights:

  • Watching the Reception girls engage in the GEM program.
  • Bookmaking and stories with our Receptions and spontaneous singing!
  • Lasallian STARS in general but yesterday’s portfolio presentations were very special.
  • Popping off to Ayers House with our Year 2s.
  • Year 1 and their Indigenous story doors.
  • Book Week Parade – just awesome!
  • Year 3 cooking up a storm and that Pirate Ship Door.
  • Year 4s who get the job done whether it be waste management, snoozing in a zoo, or encouraging me to kick start a Bookmaking Club at lunchtimes.
  • Mission to Mars in Year 5 and for the many students that were the core of the Podcast Squad.
  • All things podcasting!
  • Teaching English to Year 6 and their Communication Model dances.

I’m sure you and your family all have your highlights too. It’s good to hold on to these things no matter how small, front and centre they are in our thoughts.

Last night we celebrated with the Year 6 Class of 2021. A group of students who last night demonstrated that they are more than ready for the next step. We wish them all the success in the next stage of their learning journey. We hope they all appreciate that what is of most importance to their long-term success and happiness is the process of learning; the skills you employ to learn rather than the learning of content itself; and that you can always try your best and be considerate of others. The following students were presented with awards in recognition of their contribution to the College:

Lasallian Spirit – Oliver Van Dommele

Outstanding Academic Achievement – Marcus Waye

Outstanding Achievement Co-curricular – Jude Cowan

Principal’s Award – Marco Didyk

Principal’s Award – Alex Slattery

Principal’s Award – Kaylan Vlotman Patel

Wishing you all a safe and restful break with your families and I look forward to sharing the learning journey of 2022 with the Primary Campus community. But not just yet, let’s all stop, take a moment and breathe deeply.

Ms Joanne Gilmore, Director Teaching & Learning


In Week 6 our Primary students were provided with the opportunity to present their emerging musical talents at two Music Concerts. On Wednesday, students who are part of the Instrumental Program were invited to perform individually throughout the day. Students ranging from Reception to Year 6 took to the stage to showcase their talents in voice, piano, guitar, drums, saxophone, clarinet and trumpet. The day also featured ensemble performances from the Primary Percussion Group and the Primary Rock Band.

The following day was our annual Brass and Woodwind Concert featuring all our Year 4 students who have been learning trumpet, clarinet, trombone and saxophone throughout the year. The 4M and 4B class bands performed two songs each, along with our Primary Stage Band and individual performances from Year 4 Instrumental Program students.

All students involved in both concerts should be extremely proud of their efforts. Thank you to all parents/caregivers who attended the concerts and thank you to the instrumental tutors for all their support for both the students and the program throughout the year.

Miss Talia Gaertner-Jones, Music and Performing Arts Teacher – Primary


On Monday 29 November, students at the Primary Campus, from Lasallian STARs to Year 5s, took part in a Pastoral Activity afternoon facilitated by Kelly Sports. It was beautiful weather to enjoy the sunshine and be active!

Activities included tug o’ war, water bucket relays, heptathlon of athletic events, basketball and soccer games, just to name a few. We also welcomed our new students joining the St Michael’s College community in 2022 who spent the day making friends and learning about what it means to be a St Michael’s student. All students had the opportunity to try out an inflatable ninja course which was a favourite across the year levels.

This was an excellent day and was enjoyed by all as we prepare to finish our 2021 school year.

Mr Nathan Rose, Acting Director – Student Wellbeing & Administration – Primary


On Monday 29 November, Primary students engaged in a ‘Cultural Day’ and participated in various activities throughout the day. Students kept busy making Christmas cards and ornaments, colouring in pictures of ‘Babbo Natale’ (Father Christmas), and were then treated to a pizza lunch!


In Term 4, Year 2 students have been learning about procedures. They have been looking through lots of different types of procedures focusing on how they are written and learning about verbs. They then started to write their own!

During the Term students have made and written procedures about paper patterns, pop stick superheroes, jelly, and lastly reindeer biscuits. The class decided to have a competition for our last procedure to see who could write the best ‘How to Make Reindeer Biscuits’ method. There were so many fantastic procedures, but we could only pick one. Congratulations to Ashton Bell for the wonderful job he did writing. Please see Ashton’s procedure below. Have fun making them as they are delicious!

How to Make a Reindeer Biscuit
Goal: to make a reindeer biscuit and eat it.


  • plate
  • Milk Arrowroot Biscuit
  • sanitizer
  • knife
  • pretzels
  • chocolate icing
  • white chocolate chips
  • strawberry and cream lollies
  • toothpick


  1. place the biscuit on the plate.
  2. Spread the icing all around the biscuit so it is smooth.
  3. Put the lolly near the bottom of the biscuit but not at the very bottom (to make a nose).
  4. Push the pretzels on at the top of the biscuit (so they make ears).
  5. Place the chocolate chip eyes in between the lolly and the pretzel.
  6. Dab the toothpick in the icing, not too much just a little bit and then put it on the eyes.
  7. Enjoy your reindeer biscuit.

Mrs Karen Bourn, Year 2 Teacher


On Wednesday 24 November, eight students in Year 3 and 4 represented St Michael’s at the ANZ State Tennis Hotshot Carnival held on the clay courts at War Memorial Drive Tennis courts. On a cold drizzly 18-degree day, the boys showcased their tennis skills against other local private and public school students from across the state.

The boys represented our school outstandingly showing great sportsmanship and professionalism against some of the best young tennis players. At the conclusion of the Carnival the boys finished 7th in the state.

Congratulations to the boys and well done!

Mr Dion Gazettas, Physical Education Teacher/ Primary Sports Co-Curricular Coordinator  


Year 6 student Marco Didyk (6B) recently had the opportunity to use the new update from Makers Empire that allows the designer to view and edit their design with Augmented Reality (AR). Marco built an epic Beatles scene with Ringo Starr on the drums in his design lessons and he will continue this design in the holidays. Marco didn’t get a chance to take a photo with his design, however his cousin, Lachlan Didyk (Lasallian Stars Blue) posed with the 3D guitar and 3D drum kit. Lachlan said that he hopes to play the guitar one day and already has Makers Empire at home! Next year Lachlan will be able to learn about 3D design in Art lessons. Students are enjoying using the new AR update to express their creativity and use their imaginations.

Mrs Kate Tyrwhitt, Art & Design Teacher – Primary