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Design and Technology or (D&T) has been a part of the school curriculum for decades … it just wasn’t always called that!

Last week at the Primary Campus most year levels had a problem that they needed to solve using their skills of design with some aspects of technology and the guiding hands of their teachers.

The problem was how can we show our gratitude to the important male role models in our lives?

It’s the 21st Century and families have changed, but showing appreciation for those who guide us is just as relevant today as ever.

With this problem in mind the students ‘brainstormed’, designed, tested and developed a range of products that could show the significant role models in their lives just how much they appreciate them.

Here is a snapshot of what was created from Lasallian STARS right up to Year 4.

There were books that celebrated their qualities, honored the greatest dad jokes and included stories of special times. Portraits were painted, seeds were planted in exquisitely decorated pots, and new BBQ seasonings were invented and sampled. Add technology into the mix and mobile phone holders were made  along with old school noughts and crosses games, the traditional tie, gift bags and cards.

Although this may sound just like a great set of Arts and Crafts lesson, if we take time to break down the learning, this was a great example of hands on and authentic design thinking.

When students are given the opportunity to learn in this way, we are providing them with the skills to:

  • Have creative confidence in their abilities to adapt and respond to new challenges.
  • identify and develop innovative, creative solutions to problems they and others encounter.
  • Develop as optimistic, empathetic and active members of society who can contribute to solving the complex challenges the world faces.

Add into the mix the digital technologies and our Innovation Centre ensures that our students are well-placed to really explore and test what they know. Authentic learning comes through trial and error, we make mistakes we try again. Design thinking honours this approach and the results of last week’s endeavors I am sure were appreciated at home by our families. Huge thanks to all our educators who also went the extra mile last week to organise these learning activities.

Mrs Joanne Gilmore, Director of Teaching & Learning


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Our students had a special message for all the dads and father figures in our lives!