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Reading is a super power and books are magic and throughout the last week this has been evident as we placed a spotlight on all things book related.

This year is the 75th anniversary of Australian Book Week and in 2021 it is an event that seems even more relevant. During our recent snap lockdown many of our students commented that it was the books borrowed from our resource centre that helped them through and everyone loves a good story.


The week began with a performance from Splash Theatre for the Receptions through to Year 3.  Classic children’s stories were brought to life by the actors with minimal props and maximum suspension of belief from the audience. From the classic that is The Little Prince to the simple tale of Chicken Little our younger learners were enthralled.


Continuing with the theme of storytelling, many of the buddy activities this week involved authors from older year levels reading their ‘published’ stories to the younger students and the enjoyment from this clearly went both ways. Other activities including designing different worlds and putting them together. Our buddy programme really builds a strong sense of community.


One of the highlights of this week was the competitive edge that took over the school when it came to the class competition. The brief was to transform your classroom door so that it opened to another world. We had doors to Pacman games, entrances to Jurassic Park, a pirate island, Dreamtime stories, rocket ships to outer space and Minecraft of course.

The winners were judged by Mr Patton and Ms Steventon and were awarded as follows:

  • Year 1 for Dreamtime stories
  • 4M Harry Potter’s Chimney
  • 6M The Door to the Tardis

Each of these classes will now get a special prize of a class lunch!


Danielle Clode is an award-winning Australian author of In Search of the Woman who Sailed the World. Her writing includes natural history, essays, science-writing, historical fiction and best-selling children’s books.  Our students were thrilled with Danielle’s tales of her early life, she grew up in the fishing town of Port Lincoln in South Australia before sailing around the coast with her parents on a boat known as ‘the Pirate Ship’. After finishing school in far north Queensland she moved to Adelaide to study politics and psychology and has even worked as a zookeeper! Danielle also shared with us some ideas about the craft of writing and our own budding authors in Years 4- 6 would surely have picked up some great tips!


The Grand Finale of the week was the parade and it was a joy to behold with so many students and teachers making the effort to dress up. It was no ordinary Friday morning at all and if you have watched the live stream the excitement and fun in the air was palpable.   A huge thank you for the support from parents who went the extra mile to organise costumes, we appreciate your time, energy and creativity!

Thank you to all our teachers and support staff; thank you all for entering into the spirit of the parade, you were all “out of this world”. The IT crew provided a great experience for the community at home. I am so proud of the how well the Year 6 boys commentated and MC’d.  Special thanks to Marco, Will, Riley and Oliver for commentating and to Kaylen and Jude as our MC’s.

Always remember reading really is a superpower and books are magic.

Mrs Joanne Gilmore