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This year, the school theme for National Science Week is ‘Food: Different By Design’. if there is anything our students like it’s the opportunity for any food related learning!

We are fortunate that there is always something growing at our school due to the work of Mrs Robyn Palmer and the Garden team. So here is a quick snapshot of how our youngest learners delved into the world of science and food this week.

Firstly, the Lasallian STARS worked together and gathered veggies to make a salad. The carrots were particularly crazy but that’s organic gardening for you. Each student then actually ate the salad that they created with the help of their teachers and Robyn. The STARS designed their own meal in keeping with the theme of the Science week.

And now to potatoes with the Receptions! The ones in our garden were not quite ready so Ms Gaffney organised a purchase from Farmer Tim. These potatoes were then designed into wedges, cooked in the oven and again consumed with delight! Some potatoes were also used in a design challenge for print making and we look forward to seeing the final product as part of our Book Week challenge.

Australia is a leader in food production, and it is science that can supercharge our food future. Much research is underway regarding Indigenous foods and how we can take lessons from the world’s oldest living culture and therefore the most successful in order to inform the future. Year 4 students travel to Monarto on Friday to take part in planting some special crops and we look forward to what they learn from this unique experience.

Innovation comes as part of problem solving and to be a good problem solver you need a growth mindset. We were fortunate that World of Maths came to school this week where students from Reception to Year 6 were able to interact with an array of problems that used many mathematical concepts and developed their problem-solving muscles.

Mr Becker also ran an open workshop at lunchtime and though it was not food related it was design related and students designed and made balloon cars and much fun was had.

Throughout the week there have been many learning opportunities associated with the Science Week theme. Below are a few school in action snapshots.

Ms Joanne Gilmore, Director of Teaching and Learning