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Primary Campus


Last week, the Reception students looked at our daily calendar and noticed that there was a star on 25 October. Why does this date have a star? There must be something special happening… The students guessed what might be happening on this date – maybe we were going on an excursion, maybe to the zoo, Sydney, Cleland or Disneyland in Paris!

The next day we found a new clue, we saw three flags. We discovered they were the Aboriginal flag, Torres Strait Islander flag and the Australian flag. We decided we must be going somewhere close as these flags all mean Australia … and that’s where we live!

On Friday we found another clue! It was a photograph. The children thought it may be the high school, a kindergarten, or a park. We had no idea where the park could be, so Eddie told us we need a map and Benjamin agreed and said we need Google Maps! We kept our eyes open and sure enough on Monday a map arrived in Miss Cole’s classroom.

We got our lunch, hat, drink bottle and sunscreen ready and followed the map to the park. We identified the Early Learning Centre on the map so we knew we were going the right way. When we arrived, we learnt that we were on Kaurna land and that is why we had the Aboriginal flag as a clue.

We said our Acknowledgment of Country to pay respect to the traditional owners of the land. We ate our lunch all together and then played on the playground and oval.

We had a great afternoon!

Reception Teachers 


Last term in Religion, Reception students explored the unit ‘We are Lasallian’ exploring how many people try to be like Jesus and how our school is part of a parish community. As a Reception unit, we sat with Sister Nithya and she told us all about how she supports others. One of the ways Sister is supporting a Foundation is by preparing Indian curries and selling them to the teachers at SMC (Primary and Secondary) and donating the profits. Whilst discussing with the Reception students about how we can help make God’s world a better place, it was suggested that we could support Sister Nithya by donating some items that she cooks with, to reduce her overhead costs. We brought in food for her and gold coin donations. She was filled with gratitude and appreciation.

Reception Teachers