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Apparently, you can learn a lot at school and not all of it is book related. Sustainability – how can we do our bit to make sure that we can continue to enjoy our lifestyles into the future? In a month when the grand and powerful leaders of the world are meeting in Glasgow to discuss the future of the planet, it seems fitting to pay tribute to what primary students and some primary educators have achieved at our campus. Whatever your politics are on this doesn’t matter; the authentic learning and the action that has been taken by these students is to be commended.

Since 2012, the students and staff at the Primary Campus have been part of a group called SEMP which stands for School Environmental Action Plan. This committee works with all students and teachers to develop a whole school approach to sustainability with the focus being that students act and feel empowered.

Here is a snapshot of some of the activities from over the last two years:

  • Monarto Zoo Conservation Program – planting
  • Stephane Alexander Kitchen Garden Cooking program – students’ plant and grow produce and then cook with it!
  • Chicken Management and Care – Reception students plus Year 12 students built the chooks some play equipment.
  • Weekly Waste management and Recycling run by students – we don’t have any landfill bins
  • Weekly Garden routines – from Lasallian STARs upwards – kitchen garden, herb garden, butterfly garden, rainbow garden and soon to be planted Indigenous bush tucker garden
  • Conservation – Wetlands Project – designed and built by the whole community
  • Nature Play West – new playground designed by students
  • Youth Environmental Leaders (YELS) have run their own programs – including nude food picnics, mobile phone muster, recycle bread tags
  • Market stall that raised enough money to plant 75 trees though a donation to the WoodiWild

It seems to me that in our society if you stand still you go backwards, life moves so fast. As we come to the end of 2021, we are already thinking about what 2022 may bring. Let’s face it, the future is uncertain.

However, with careful planning we will continue to provide an inquiry-based curriculum to students that provides quality and authentic learning experiences that connects specialist subjects and classroom learning. Our literacy and numeracy skills are also enhanced as we apply skills to real problems that we have at school.

Through SEMP and the learning experiences at school, our students have had the opportunity to build a connection to nature in the hopes they will care enough to do their part in ensuring its sustainability. No one is perfect but if we all try to make one change then we can make a difference. I wonder what you could do.

If you are interested further in the SEMP program and have some ideas for 2022, please feel free to contact the SEMP committee via the primary admin email.

Ms Joanne Gilmore, Director of Teaching & Learning