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Primary Campus


Author/Illustrator Jasmine Seymour has created the artwork for the Book Week theme this year and says, “Dreaming is not something that belongs to the past; it’s all around us now, then and always”.

Dreaming with eyes open is something children do very well, and we encourage that creativity in writers’ workshops throughout the year, where each child is encouraged to tell their stories.

Author Visits

This year we started our Book Week off with a visit from Author Phil Cummings, who had our Year 4 – 6 students spellbound with his storytelling.  Phil also spoke about the writing process, starting from his journal of ideas and ending with the editing process before publication.

Our Reception to Year 3 students had a visit from Author Katrina Germein. She has written many picture books and encouraged the students to participate in her storytelling with props and songs.  She also spoke about the writing process, showing her ideas journal and spoke about her collaboration with the Illustrators of her books.

The Parade

Our final celebration for the week was our Parade which was attended by many parents who saw their hard work and creative efforts as each class paraded around Founders Hall. Mr Nathan Rose was our organiser and wonderful MC. Each class chose a theme song played by our very own DJ Luke.

Students came in a magnificent variety of costumes, unlike the teachers and co-educators who all rushed to work that day in their pyjamas! At the end of the parade, we were treated to a flash mob performance by all the Reception students, who did a great job with their dance.

The parade was the big ticket item, but throughout the week, buddy classes participated in THE BIG READ where students of all ages read their books to each other. The books were a mix of professional and self-created. Year 4 and 5 students are waiting for their professionally published books to arrive from Little Scribes, with Mason M, Hayden H  and Luka P’s work being selected for a showcase by the Little Scribes team.

We are also close to the end of the annual Premiers Reading challenge, so please encourage your children to return their Premier’s Reading Challenge form to the library ASAP. The closing date is 9 September.

The Reading Tree is taking shape with over 200 names of those who have already finished the challenge!

We love reading. We love books, not just in Book Week but every week.  Reading gives you superpowers for life, and the world needs to hear everyone’s stories.

Ms Glenyss Steventon, Resource Centre Coordinator – Primary


Archbishop Patrick O’Regan exhorts the children to pray, “Come, Holy Spirit.” 

On Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 August, 19 St Michael’s students celebrated their Confirmation and Communion Mass at Our Lady of the Manger Church, Findon, and Sacred Heart Church, Hindmarsh. Both Masses, presided by Archbishop Patrick O’Regan and Father Lancy, were a joyous occasion for the school and parish community. We are grateful to our Year 4 teachers, Mr Ray Becker (4M) and Mr Mitchell Boulton (4B) for their commitment and dedication in supporting the religious formation of the students entrusted to their care spiritually, socially, emotionally and academically. We are especially grateful to you, the parents and caregivers. As the primary educators of your children, you are the ones who bring your children to the Church to begin the process of initiation into the Catholic faith community through Baptism. The Church teaches that Confirmation confirms Baptism, and so Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion complete the three sacraments of initiation laying the foundations of every Christian life.

We wish to express our gratitude to Fr Lancy, Sr Nithya, Kathy Horan and to all who have enriched our Sacramental Program. Our Confirmation and Communion parent and student gatherings in Terms 2 and 3 invited us into a deeper way of being in the presence of God, and of relating to Jesus and to one another, inspiring us to become more actively involved in the life of the community through the ongoing guidance of the Holy Spirit. This is affirmed by Archbishop Patrick O’Regan’s exhortation to the children to continue praying three simple words, “Come, Holy Spirit”.

We are most grateful to you, dear children, the 19 candidates of St Michael’s College Primary, for the way you have prepared to receive and celebrate the sacraments of Confirmation and Communion. May you continue your journey of faith as Spirit-filled followers of Jesus.

We extend our congratulations to your families, sponsors, and you, the 2022 candidates of the Sacramental Program: Elijah Agostino,  Xavier Bourn, Alessio Cirillo, Zac Colella, Alessio Esposito, Franklin Hennessy, Harvey Horsell, Jake Howell, Ben Jackson, Josef Jelonek, Aleksander Krol, Nate Licari, James O’Brien, Marcus Marino, Mason Mills, Luka Placentino, Samuel Pollina, Oscar Stevens, and Aston Tozer.

Mrs Patrizia Puglia, Director of Religion and Spirituality