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Primary Campus


When you teach a child to write you are giving them a superpower. The power to share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings with the world.

At the Primary Campus, educators have been working with Lisa Burman deepening their knowledge of Writers Workshop pedagogy.

In Year 2 we have been all about facts, facts, facts. Students see themselves as expert authors and have been learning how to create engaging information texts. They have studied mentor texts and learnt about content pages, page numbers, subheadings, diagrams and pictures and labels. Now we are ready to share our expert knowledge with our readers.

Bookmaking has empowered our Year 1 authors to create texts that communicate their ideas. They have also been reading like a writer and are developing positive dispositions towards reading and writing. Through viewing and reading a wide range of mentor texts, we have noticed other authors using past tense, characterisation, perspective and meaningful illustrations to entertain. We began writing ‘stories from my life’ to entertain our readers.

We love bookmaking in Reception! Our students see themselves as authors and illustrators and enjoy immersing themselves in a wide range of texts and learning about what authors intentionally do to entertain their readers. The students have had a go at adding these crafts to their books and constructing different texts. Our Reception authors have been including speech bubbles, onomatopoeia, ellipses, big and bold writing, exclamation marks, and crafting with colour throughout their books this semester.

We are so proud of our young authors!

Early Primary Team

Reception Authors

Year 1 Authors


Outdoor Classroom Day is a global movement to inspire and celebrate outdoor play and learning at school. Children are spending less time outdoors than ever before and this is affecting their health, wellbeing and development. Time outdoors – on Outdoor Classroom Day and every day – will make children happier and healthier, as well as equipping them with the skills they need for life.

At the Primary Campus, students across all year levels engaged in various activities throughout the day. Years 2M and 4M recently planted some Indigenous flora obtained through Provenance nursery with a Charles Sturt Council donation. These plants have been placed in our bush tucker garden and select replacement native plants for the nature play west area. Reception students had their art lesson outside and created beautiful water colour leaves.

It was a great day to spend outdoors in the sunshine!


Some activities planned for May at the Primary Campus OSHC include:

  • Mother’s Day Arts and Craft
  • Gratitude Tree Display
  • Making Rocky Road
  • Minor Games – Talent Show
  • Footy and Handball

 Please click here for more information.


Our annual Scholastic Book Fair commences 19 May and will run through until Wednesday 25 May. Book Fairs are designed to give children access to more books they want to read, from relevant new-releases to classic award winners. As your children grow, Book Fairs make it easy for home libraries to grow with them; they provide:

  • An exciting event that engages children and promotes literacy.
  • The best range, hand selected from over 50 publishers worldwide.
  • Affordable books to suit every reading level and interest.
  • A fun opportunity for children to see, touch and connect with books they want to read

Students can visit the Resource Centre before/after school and throughout lunch, complete a wish list and take it home, with the price, for parent consideration. Payments can be made online at ParentPayments (scholastic.com.au). Select South Australia and St Michaels College Primary (Beverley); once payment has been successful, please provide the details on the Wish List overleaf including the 8 digit receipt number and amount paid and the ordered goods will be given to your child to bring home to enjoy.

Mrs Glenyss Steventon will be more than happy to assist students if they need support in making a selection. Students will also be able to select books during their class visits to the Resource Centre.