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Primary Campus

Mothers, Making and Many Smells

Welcome back to Term 2 it is great to see all students looking neat and smart in their winter uniforms. Whilst the end of the semester might seem like a long way off, this term will no doubt fly past like any other busy term. I encourage all families and the students, especially, to work collaboratively with our highly committed staff in preparing for the end of Semester 1 so that each child is given the best opportunity to make the most of their talents. Hopefully, very few students will be looking at their school report and be thinking “If only I’d …”

Schools don’t exist in a vacuum and this term we will be observing some important national events including ANZAC day (A bit late) Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week.

As is the norm in a primary school we hit the ground running. Students in Year 4 have completed the first part of their reconciliation journey a true rite of passage and an important milestone for them and their families. Also, students have been in the makers space designing, mixing, and creating wonderful gifts for the significant females in their lives. The Innovation Centre was awash with smells of lavender, lemon, and mint. As a community that cares for the planet, the products were all organic, recycled, and completely lush.

So, as we enter soup season stay connected and keep an eye out for all the great learning experiences and things that our students and staff are up to.

Mrs Joanne Gilmore, Director of Teaching and Learning   
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Drawing us Together Illustration Competition – NAIDOC Week 2022

Last year, St Michael’s College participated in the Drawing Us Together illustration competition to celebrate NAIDOC Week at the Brickworks Marketplace. As part of this project students partnered with an indigenous author to develop a children’s story book and were given 2 to 4 pages of the book to design and illustrate which were displayed in the Brickworks Marketplace. The community voted on their favourite illustration for each page. Year 6 students Jake Lalic and Zac Mullins received the highest votes for their designs therefore featuring in the community book initiative of NAIDOC Week 2021.

An Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony and the awards were held at the Brickworks gum tree site next to the Torrens River. It was a small ceremony done by the Kuma Kaaru which was organised by the Brickworks Marketplace and Charter Hall. You can view the video below.

Primary students will once again be participating in this project, and we look forward to seeing the wonderful creations of our Primary students.

Ms Kate Tyrwhitt, Art & Design Teacher – Indigenous Education Coordinator-Primary