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Primary Campus


Finally, we were able to acknowledge the academic achievement of students from Semester 2 2021.

The theme for this year is challenge and our College’s mission and vision states challenge is when:

“Individual growth is achieved through engagement, opportunity and recognition, underpinned by a positive learning culture that is authentic, challenging and supportive. “

Over three separate assemblies, we celebrated students who had excelled with respect to developing their Primary Values, their effort toward their studies, and their academic achievements.

Not everyone can be an A grade student academically, but everyone can be an A grade student in terms of their attitude to school life. Everyone can grow and make progress with the right mindset and with support from those around them on their learning journey.

Here are a few words of wisdom from across my years within education:

  • Sometimes you will make mistakes – don’t give up, get back on your feet and persevere – we all know the Michael Jordan quote: if not, research it!
  • It takes sacrifice – sometimes we have to do what we don’t like before we can do what we do like. Get your learning completed then go and relax.
  • Ask for help – ask questions. If you don’t understand something, how can you ever learn it?
  • Get involved – there are lots of opportunities to try new things at St Michael’s College. Never worry about what someone else will think. How will you know if you don’t have a go?

Congratulations to all the award winners and to all our students who continually try their best. You make our College a thriving, learning community.

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As well as acknowledging our academic award winners from last year, these assemblies also provided us with the opportunity to officially welcome our new students to the St Michael’s College community for 2022. Each of these students have already made a positive impact on our learning community and are an integral part of the College. We hope the school experience for each of our students is rich with quality learning, friendships and enjoyment for their personal development. We look forward to supporting you to grow and flourish throughout your journey and strive to ‘be the best you can be’.

Ms Joanne Gilmore, Director Teaching & Learning



Thanks to a Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant, the Primary Campus now have beautiful new signage in the Primary Veggie Patch. In 2019 our Year 3 students helped assist with the research for the signs, which included seasonal planting, beneficial insects, and how to sustainably garden. The Youth Environmental Leaders were then given the task of collating the very best information worthy of being on display.

A huge thank you to art teacher, Mrs Tyrwhitt, for designing the signs and for coordinating the Year 3 drawings which were included via the use of QR codes.

These signs not only look great but will be such a great resource for our many students who use these outdoor spaces in their learning. I’m sure we can all agree they were worth the wait!

Mrs Robyn Palmer, Sustainability Officer