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Primary Campus


The mission of Arch D Radio & Podcasting is to, “showcase the voices of young people and communities inside the Archdiocese of Adelaide”. Last year at the Primary Campus 28 students across Year 5 and 6 participated in the Arch D program run by James Meston. This program involves 29 schools and over 1000 students. Our students learnt how to interview and chat cast, as well as the technical know-how of editing – we now almost have professional qualifications! Their episodes were an eclectic mix of topics to say the least as students were given full creative control.

Each year Arch D has a grand award ceremony, and we are proud of the following nominated teams:


An award for a student that demonstrated leadership within their podcasting community, elevating the quality of both their own and other’s podcast work to the highest standard.
LLL: Thriving people, capable learners, leaders for the world God desires

  • Sebastian K. – St Michael’s Primary

NB: Only Primary student nominated in this category!


Recognising the most engaging episode that consistently and effectively use the techniques taught within the ARCH D courses in the creation of their podcast.
LLL: Capability: Literate, numerate and effective communicators

  • Ben, Oliver & Jeremy “Strange Animal Names” – St Michael’s Primary
PODCAST TEAM OF THE YEAR (Primary and Secondary)

An award to recognize outstanding teamwork and how it assisted in creating a great quality podcast.
LLL: Capability: Self-Aware Collaborative & Socially Adept

  • Oliver and Marco “ Then and Now”

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Ben, Oliver and Jeremy were awarded Podcast Episode of the Year. Congratulations!

Sebastian K has also been selected for a global project to work with Ira Glass from This American Life – a huge opportunity!

At the Primary Campus, a cornerstone of our curriculum is the Primary Values that assist students in developing skills and dispositions for learning and life.  We know that when our students have a voice it gives them agency and in turn empowers them to direct and take responsibility for their learning.

The Podcast program is continuing to evolve across the College. In 2022 we have just recorded a joint project for IWD with Year 12 and Year 1 girls involved. Listen out for this as the Year 1 girls really rise to the occasion. For the first time Year 7 will also be running a podcast program this year. We will continue with our program here at the primary campus so keep an eye on social media for announcements. Thank you to James Meston from Arch D, his creativity, humour and enthusiasm has spurred us all on to embrace the power of voices to persuade, entertain and inform.

Ms Joanne Gilmore, Director of Teaching and Learning – Primary


For our newly appointed Faith Service Community (FSC) Leaders, their philanthropy and service journey began on Thursday 10 March. Our St Michael’s College FSC Leaders, together with students from MacKillop Catholic Primary School, Andergrove (QLD), attended their first Zoom session with Caritas Australia. The focus for this week was on Anatercia’s story in Mozambique.

Anatercia is a 12-year-old girl who thanks to the support of Caritas and schools communities like ours, is now able to access clean drinking water, eat nutritious food and attend school. She is in Year 6 like our leaders. In preparation for the Q&A session, the FSCs watched a video and prepared questions they wanted to ask Caritas staff. As the person supervising the session, I felt very proud of our young students’ commitment and engagement. They listened attentively and asked pertinent questions about the irrigation system, the languages spoken in Mozambique, and wondered how important it was for Anatercia to receive her school uniform, considering her sense of belonging. It was very powerful to have Sr Ivy Khoury, Coordinator of Africa Programs at Caritas Australia, answer the questions and tell the story of the people of Mozambique so beautifully, honouring who they are and their resilience in the face of hardship. Sr Ivy affirmed the importance of communities working together to serve those in need for the benefit of all future generations.

Over the period of Lent, our FSC Leaders will participate in four more Zoom appointments, each time exploring a different global community. Trusting in Grace, I know that the lessons learnt will encourage our children to be compassionate leaders for the world God desires. Their leadership will provide them with opportunities to develop their voice against injustice and to stand up for the poor. Their faith in action, drawing on the stories and message of Jesus and our Founder, St John Baptist de La Salle, hopes to create a ripple effect in our school community and beyond. May we be full of hope for all future generations.

Mrs Patrizia Puglia, Director of Religion and Spirituality – Primary

Sr Ivy’s lesson on philanthropy: “That’s where you come in – thinking of kids less fortunate than yourself. If you can give even just $1. It’s you that’s making the difference.” (CARITAS Q&A Session 1, 10/03/2022))