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Term 4 Week 3 2021

From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

The Year 12 Graduation Mass was held last week as our traditional farewell to the graduating class. Families and staff gathered to celebrate and pray for our Year 12 students as they prepare for their final secondary schooling commitments and transition to life after school. The Graduation Mass is a significant event and perhaps our most special, as it is a time when we openly celebrate St Michael’s College as a Catholic school in the Lasallian tradition, and recognise the unique gifts of the 2021 graduands.

Following the Mass, Year 12 Awards were once again presented, including the esteemed De La Salle Award. The students recognised with awards, whilst very worthy in their own right, also represent the many St Michael’s students who have contributed to the richness which is College life. Their commitment to personal excellence becomes part of the history and tradition of St Michael’s College.

We acknowledge and congratulate the following students:

De La Salle Award: Sebastian Leaney
Service to the College: Alice Kneebone
Female Athlete of the Year: Ruby Tanner
Male Athlete of the Year: Adam D’Aloia
Outstanding Contribution to the College: Samuel Hornibrook, Tasmyn Fiegert, Alessia Carbone, Angelika Papadopoulos
Performing Arts Award: Monique Monti
Performing Arts Award:
Nadia Spaccavento
Student Citizenship Award: Ruby Tanner
Mary Colton Award: Morgan Cooper
Mary MacKillop Award for Excellence: Christian Dianos
Mark Butler School Award:  Elena Antoniadis
ADF Leadership and Teamwork Award: Kieran Hubert
Ampol Best All Rounder: Charlie Knowles
Brian Gilbertson Co-curricular Music Award: Shamus Horgan

Thank you to all involved in this very special College event. We wish our Year 12s every success as they complete final assessments and undertake exams in coming weeks.

Kind regards,

John Foley

From the Deputy Principals

Student Uniforms, Personal Presentation And Mobile Devices

St Michael’s College is guided by the Lasallian core principles of faith, respect, service, and community. Since the beginning, our ethos has remained unchanged; “To touch the hearts of your pupils and inspire them with the Christian spirit is the greatest miracle you can perform.” Lasallian education dates back to the 17th century to French priest St John Baptist de La Salle establishing schools that welcomed all. There are now schools in over 80 countries.  The brothers’ work included daily meditations and clear instructions regarding system, order, and method. They also ensured that prayer was a part of each day for students, staff and upheld the highest personal presentation and uniform standards.

Over the past two years, we have been proud to collaborate, consult, and  partner with students, parents/caregivers and staff on various matters and have subsequently updated our uniform, personal presentation requirements and Student Mobile Device Policy.  These changes resulted from the collective community feedback, particularly from parent/caregivers and student.

Today we met with all Year 7 to 11 students to reset expectations and to encourage all to take pride in personal appearance, including the wearing of the College uniform.  We also reminded students that mobile phones are not allowed to be used between 8:40 am and 3:30 pm and that they must be switched off during the school day to allow better engagement, learning and face-to-face communication with their peers and staff.

The St Michael’s College uniform should provide students with a sense of identity and pride within the community. We require parental support in being clear of the expectations. Please refer to the list of summer uniform items below as a reminder of these expectations and discuss these with your child/ren.  We understand that students and families may need time to comply with some of the standards, and we ask that this be done quickly.  Please get in touch with the Pastoral Teacher if there are any issues.

The focus areas of the presentation to students include the following:

Summer uniform

  • Short sleeve white shirt with crest
  • Summer dress – worn to the knee
  • Shorts, trousers and socks, i.e. navy blue shorts worn with white crew socks, or navy trousers worn with grey or black socks

Personal presentation (key focus areas are):

  • Hair and being cleanly shaven
  • Jewellery – discreet items only (one each of ring, bracelet, necklace, watch, and two small studs/sleepers in each ear)
  • Makeup – a very light, barely visible foundation is the only makeup acceptable
  • Nails – nail polish, sculptured nails and nail extensions are not permitted

The complete Personal Presentation Guidelines are available here.

College staff will be pro-active in the coming weeks in working towards improving the standards of the College and we seek the support of students and families.

Mr Matthew Williams
Deputy Principal – Pastoral

Weekly Communication and Important Dates

Weekly Communication and Important Dates


1 November
Year 12 Exams commence

5 November
Year 12 Art Design Technology & Photography Exhibition Launch

11 November
Memorial Mass


St Michael’s College is a company limited by guarantee. Expressions of Interest from a diverse range of experienced candidates interested in a position as a Director on our Board are welcome for 2022 and into the future, with a high level of experience in educational leadership and marketing particularly sought.

Please click the document below for more information regarding these roles.

board directors - expressions of interest



Torrens Transit have advised that part of Military Road, Henley Beach will be closed for roundabout upgrade works from 12 October until 1 December.

School buses 653, 654, 656 and 663 (which normally travel along this section of Military Road) will be DETOURED via East Terrace (next street east).

Please click here for details of the detour route and one bus stop that will be missed on the detour.


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Primary Campus


Last week, the Reception students looked at our daily calendar and noticed that there was a star on 25 October. Why does this date have a star? There must be something special happening… The students guessed what might be happening on this date – maybe we were going on an excursion, maybe to the zoo, Sydney, Cleland or Disneyland in Paris!

The next day we found a new clue, we saw three flags. We discovered they were the Aboriginal flag, Torres Strait Islander flag and the Australian flag. We decided we must be going somewhere close as these flags all mean Australia … and that’s where we live!

On Friday we found another clue! It was a photograph. The children thought it may be the high school, a kindergarten, or a park. We had no idea where the park could be, so Eddie told us we need a map and Benjamin agreed and said we need Google Maps! We kept our eyes open and sure enough on Monday a map arrived in Miss Cole’s classroom.

We got our lunch, hat, drink bottle and sunscreen ready and followed the map to the park. We identified the Early Learning Centre on the map so we knew we were going the right way. When we arrived, we learnt that we were on Kaurna land and that is why we had the Aboriginal flag as a clue.

We said our Acknowledgment of Country to pay respect to the traditional owners of the land. We ate our lunch all together and then played on the playground and oval.

We had a great afternoon!

Reception Teachers 


Last term in Religion, Reception students explored the unit ‘We are Lasallian’ exploring how many people try to be like Jesus and how our school is part of a parish community. As a Reception unit, we sat with Sister Nithya and she told us all about how she supports others. One of the ways Sister is supporting a Foundation is by preparing Indian curries and selling them to the teachers at SMC (Primary and Secondary) and donating the profits. Whilst discussing with the Reception students about how we can help make God’s world a better place, it was suggested that we could support Sister Nithya by donating some items that she cooks with, to reduce her overhead costs. We brought in food for her and gold coin donations. She was filled with gratitude and appreciation.

Reception Teachers

Secondary Campus


Domestic violence can be defined as ‘violence, abuse and intimidation between people who are currently or have previously been in an intimate relationship.’ The perpetrator uses violence to control and dominate the other person. This causes fear, physical harm and/or psychological harm. Above all, violence is a violation of human rights. Since COVID, emerging data shows that domestic violence has intensified. It is the ‘Shadow Pandemic’ growing amidst the crisis.

On Tuesday, October 26, a dedicated group of Year 11 students and staff facilitated our third Domestic Violence Awareness Day. During the campaign, we acknowledged victims, both past and present of domestic violence related issues. We sold awareness badges and white ribbons (for a gold coin donation) as a symbol of recognition on this matter, with all proceeds donated to Centacare Family Services. There were various other ways in which our Year 11 students raised awareness of this terrible issue; these included a Year 11 Chapel Service, a school-wide multimedia campaign, and an ice-cream stall at lunchtime. We came together to provide a voice to those suffering at the hands of domestic violence in the hope of helping to prevent this issue from causing so much pain. As young men and women in our St Michael’s Community, we take a stand against this type of appalling behaviour.

Act with Kindness, not with Violence.

Ms Anna Porcelli, Year 11 Director


On Wednesday Week 3, Year 11 Geography students along with their class teachers Ms Bridget Kearins and Mr Lachlan Chatterton ventured off on their Geography camp. Based around Victor Harbor, Granite Island, Waitpinga, Hindmarsh Island and Port Elliot, students are studying coastal processes along higher energy coastlines, sheltered bays and rocky headlands. They are also investigating the impact of tourism on regional towns and learning how to use their fieldwork skills to document environmental change. These are skills students can use in a range of Year 12 classes, as well as TAFE and University studies in the future.

The students face the challenge of working together in small groups to plan, purchase and prepare food for their camp. For many this has already been an exciting part of the trip with decisions to be made about what to have for breakfast and dinner and whether they’ll be able to stop at the bakery in Port Elliot!

Year 9 and 10 students will have their turn to complete their fieldwork in Week 4. The Year 9s have been studying the concept of interconnection and will visit Rundle Mall to collect examples of ways they are connected to other people and places. The Year 10s will be visiting Morialta Conservation Park to investigate environmental change.

Miss Catherine Pearce, Head of Humanities – Secondary


Week 3: Humour

Did you hear the one about…?

Laughing has a way of making us feel good. When was the last time you had a huge belly laugh? We can all relate to how good that feels – as though we are laughing all the way from our toes. There are some people I know who have the most amazingly contagious laugh – the kind that instantly makes you want to join in when you hear it, even if you are completely unaware of what they are laughing about. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to bottle this laughter – to be uncorked at a later time when you could really use a laugh or two?

Research evidence shows that laughter has a huge impact on our physical and mental health. It strengthens our immune system, reduces the impact of pain through the release of endorphins and helps to alleviate the impact of stress. It can inspire us towards a brighter tomorrow, keep us grounded and balanced and also importantly, it can help us forgive each other when things don’t work as they should and we are hurt. It goes without saying that all of this is beneficial to our relationships and happiness, knowing, valuing and caring for each other, as a Community.

Like all strengths, it’s also true that humour has to be used in the right balance and context, so that it is not a shadow-strength or negative in its purpose. It should never hurt or become ‘weaponized’- created at someone else’s expense. As we indicate to students, the age-old excuse of ‘It was just a joke’ is never acceptable when misused humour results in someone feeling harassed, bullied or excluded. Unfortunately, the world of comedy does not always set the best example. Even if I think back to those great films I watched and loved as a child – Abbott and Costello (Who’s on First?), Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Though I didn’t appreciate it at the time, the humour was often based on the misfortune of one of the characters, and the ability of the stronger character to manipulate the situation, asserting control or superiority in some way.

Sometimes it’s hard to tone down the humour in us when it’s one of our top strengths, especially when we are adolescents. It can become a shadow strength.  It’s interesting to note that the strength that can sometimes make a learning environment challenging can also be one of the most important of strengths that enables our young people to navigate Challenge, make connections and fruitful networks, resolve conflict, find hope and support each other towards flourishing. As a result, it is not a strength we want to see disappear, but it is one we need to learn to use more effectively as we journey through adolescence, in the best context, for the learning of every person around us. This helps us develop the Choice to be the best leaders and learners of the world we can be.

This week students have seen that we can boost humour by reading a favourite cartoon or funny novel or by watching a film that makes us laugh. We can also share a funny story and bring smiles to the faces of others and importantly, we can remember to be kind to ourselves: it’s ok to laugh at ourselves with others too!

Have a great weekend, hopefully with some solid belly laughs worth bottling!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader

Source: https://yellowsmg.tumblr.com/post/82358022703/suefitzmaurice-quote-snoopy-peanuts-humor


It’s that time of year again when the Music Department is asking for participants in this year’s ‘SMC’S GOT TALENT’ extravaganza.

Our annual talent show will take place in the last week of school (Thursday 2 December after lunch) and is a wonderful way for all members of the SMC community to wind down after a hectic school year.

All students and staff are eligible to participate, all you need to do is come up with any type of performance that shows off a talent or skill that you believe needs to be shared with the world!

Entry is free and participants simply need to email Mr Musci james.musci@smc.sa.edu.au to nominate themselves ASAP.

Successful contestants will be contacted closer to the event. Don’t be shy, start rehearsing now and contact Mr Musci so you can be part of this great event.

Mr James Musci, Head of Music – Secondary


St Michael’s College wishes to welcome newly appointed Lasallian Campus Minister, Sharina Rabusic to our community. Sharina will work primarily with the Lasallian Youth Leaders (LYL’s), but will participate in many other activities around the College.

Mr Robert Dempsey, Director of Mission

Careers and VET Services


Bespoke Outdoor, located in Kent Town, are Residential Builders who build custom design carports and pergolas. They are currently seeking a ‘school leaver’ interested in undertaking a Certificate 3 Traineeship in Business Administration. See Mr Kevin Woolford for more details if interested.

Mr Kevin Woolford, VET Coordinator


Students will be able to access their results here prior to the results release day, students must ensure they are able to log in and that their personal details are correct. Please click here for more information. SACE has produced a short video encouraging students to check their ‘Students Online Account’ before results release day which can be viewed here. Students are encouraged to check their log in for SACE students online ASAP.

Students must be available for any follow up discussion that they may require on Monday 13 December i.e. SACE results release date. This is the only day careers counsellors will be present at the College to assist in person.


Applications are now open for the 3rd Space Industry Work Experience (SIWE) Program. This structured work experience program organised by the South Australian Space Industry Centre (SASIC) and the Commonwealth funded SA Student Pathways Program within the SA Department for Education allows South Australian secondary school students aged 15 and over to complete two to five days placements (depending on host capacity) with ‘Space Industry’, ‘Space Research’ or ‘Space Skills’ hosts.

Current secondary school students (including 2021 completing Year 12s) who applied in 2019/2020 who were not shortlisted or were placed on a reserve list are invited to apply again. Students who have completed a previous SIWE placement are ineligible to apply. Those who were shortlisted in 2020 and have not yet received a placement due to COVID-19 restrictions will be automatically shortlisted for the 3rd SIWE program and given ‘placement priority’.

Placements for this Space Industry Work Experience pilot program are strictly limited, and all applications will be assessed by a panel of representatives from SASIC and the Department for Education. Applicants will be shortlisted for the positions and interviews may be required to determine the successful final applicants.

Further information can be found at Space Industry Work Experience Program-3 and students must complete all questions and submit all completed/signed documents listed online here. Applicants will be notified by email about their completed application registration within two weeks and advised whether they have been shortlisted after applications have been reviewed by SASIC and the Department for Education personnel by late November, 2021.

Please note it is highly competitive process and students need to devote a lot of effort to their applications to have a chance at success.


This week we are highlighting Luke Trevaskis (12PC-04) who undertook a placement as part of his career planning and an extension of his VET course, Certificate 2 in Engineering Pathways. Luke attended Allshapes Sheetmetal at Hindmarsh. It was great to visit and hear of all the exciting projects being undertaken by the company and to get some great feedback about Luke’s performance during his placement. To see a range of work undertaken by Allshapes, please click here. https://allshapesmetal.com.au/gallery/


Congratulations to Mr Moros’ Year 12 Pastoral Class who took out the third-place prize for the speedy completion of the Year 12 destination surveys.

Mrs Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Careers Counsellors