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Term 3 Week 8 2021

From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College,

I have been given the privilege to preside as Acting Principal whilst John Foley is on leave. I use the word ‘privilege’ because as a past scholar of St Michael’s College, I am extremely grateful and proud to be a part of this wonderful community.  Attending St Michael’s also provided me with some wonderful lifelong connections which I trust many families in our community have or will develop. I look forward to working with the wider St Michael’s community over the next few weeks.


Thursday 9 September 2021 was R U OK? Day.

R U OK? Day is a National day of action dedicated to reminding everyone to ask, “Are you OK?” and to remember every day of the year to support people who may be struggling with life’s ups and downs.

This year in the build-up to R U OK? Day we’re encouraging everyone to trust the signs, trust your gut and ask R U OK?

We want everyone to feel confident that they know the signs of someone who might need support by listening to what they’re saying, seeing what they’re doing or knowing what’s going on in their life. Whenever you notice a change, no matter how small, we want you to trust your gut and start an R U OK? conversation.

It is also important that our young people are aware of the support groups that are in our community. They can be found on the College’s student SEQTA platform homepage.

Further education resources for primary and secondary students can be found at https://www.ruok.org.au/education

Mr Kitschke’s Wellbeing Week article highlights the many activities that took place this week at the Secondary Campus.  Thanks to all the organisers for their great efforts!


Next week Year 6 students head off to She-Oak Run at Finniss for their camp. We trust it will provide this group an opportunity to build stronger relationships prior to embarking on their secondary education at the Henley Campus. The focus will be on resilience, team-building, problem-solving, and most of all, enjoyment. Activities will include kayaking, raft building, water testing, team initiative obstacle course, orienteering and many more. In preparation for the camp, all Year 6 students have been working with the Primary Leadership Team as well as their class teachers with a focus on ‘leadership’. Leadership will also be a focus and further explored during the camp experience.

Kind regards,

Mr Damian Patton
Acting Principal

Weekly Communication and Important Dates

Weekly Communication and Important Dates


Mr Emeritus Professor Reginald Coutts “Reg”

Old Scholar from the Class of 1967.

Reg arrived at St Michael’s in 1959 as a wide eyed enthusiastic Grade 4 student. That infectious enthusiasm was to be his hallmark. Although Polio at an early stage in life crippled his right arm it did not stop him from participating fully in school life. Whether it was mobilizing support for the school’s fund raising activities or being involved the various clubs and societies – Reg could be seen at the forefront ready to engage and enthuse his fellow students.

He was the first School Captain at St Michael’s College, Henley Beach. Reg was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship and completed degrees in Science and Engineering at the University of Adelaide before undertaking a PhD.

Reg then embarked on an outstanding career, which involved helping to set up the framework for the National Broadband Network. In the 1990s Reg returned to the University of Adelaide as the foundation Professor of Telecommunications. In 2018 he was inducted in the Pearcey Hall of Fame. The Pearcey Hall of Fame recognises individuals who have made very significant lifetime contributions into one or more of Australia’s ICT research, industry, or professional development.

Reg never stopped thinking about ways in which telecommunications could contribute to improving the quality of life for all. At time of his death he was working on a book that described the way telecommunications may enable the world to develop a sustainable future for all.  – Written by Reg’s friends Stephen and Leigh

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, Rest In Peace. Amen.


15 September

Vocal Night

Football and Netball Presentation Night

16 September

Write a Book in a Day

24 September

De La Salle Day

End Term 3 Early Dismissal 12:45 pm


Dear Parents, Guardians and Caregivers

On behalf of the St Michael’s College, Adelaide Board I wish to provide you with the following information pertaining to 2022 Tuition Fees and Charges.

Despite such a challenging economic environment in 2021, we are most appreciative that parents, guardians, and caregivers continue to support the College by meeting their financial obligations in a timely manner.

As you are aware there was no fee increase applied for the 2021 school year. Although the Board is very sensitive to the impact on families, it is deemed necessary to increase the fees in 2022 to enable the school to continue to provide a high quality, well-resourced education for all students.  This includes:

  • Class sizes below the Enterprise Agreement.
  • College supplied and maintained IT device.
  • Ongoing commitment to capital development to refresh and improve learning spaces.
  • Staffing above the minimum requirements to ensure quality teaching & learning and wellbeing programs, partnerships with families and a genuine intent to ensure all individuals are known valued and cared for.

From 1 January 2022, tuition fees will increase by 2.5% for Reception to Year 12 students.

Due to the transition from Year 7 to the Secondary Campus in 2018, a transition period was established to align the Year 7 fee to the Year 8-10 tuition fee. This period will now be extended for a further two years (2022 and 2023).

The 2022 School Fee Schedule can be accessed here.

Should you require clarification of any matter pertaining to the school fee schedule, please do not hesitate to contact our fees staff at the secondary campus on 8356 5966 or via fees@smc.sa.edu.au

Yours sincerely,

Mr Dominic LoBasso, Business Manager


Please be reminded that the Year 7 2022 Orientation Day is being held on Monday 29 November. More information will be communicated soon.


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Whole School


The aim of Wellbeing Week is to provide some perspective for students in their often-busy schedules. Students this week have been encouraged to appreciate all that is good in their lives and a visual representation of this was the Gratitude Wall whereby students were able to think creatively about who or what they were grateful for. Whilst ‘family’, ‘friends’ and ‘sporting teams’ (Port in particular at the moment) featured heavily, there was indeed a great range of responses as to what they are grateful for. Some responses included, ‘That it’s spring’, ‘My teachers’, ‘The school Eco Squad’, ‘Walks on the beach’,  ‘The school counsellors’, ‘The moon and the stars’ and one that caught our eye, ‘Friends and garlic bread’, an interesting combination. Some teachers even got into the act with the responses, ‘My beautiful students’ and even, ‘My air fryer’.

Students throughout the week were provided with experiences that they could choose to participate in such as purchasing tickets to a raffle to fundraise for the Lasallian organisation, Kids Helpline in the hope of winning a great prize that included a big range of chocolates, lollies, a SMC Beanie and a Westfield Voucher. They were also offered the chance to participate in Mindfulness Yoga, Movies, Sporting shootouts such as Soccer, Netball, Football and Basketball and always a fan favourite, yummy food.

One of the highlights of Wellbeing Week is the Petting Zoo. As staff, we love watching students get immersed in the experience. No matter the age, gender or personality, we are always amazed at seeing the way the students enjoy being able to visit the animals in the middle of their school day, as they forget about schoolwork and focus on the animals, with so many of the students making a point to thank us for the opportunity. The staff at the Petting Zoo couldn’t speak highly enough about how great our students were over the two days in the way they respected the staff, the animals and each other, which was most pleasing to hear.

Thursday, being RU OK? Day! was an opportunity for students to dress up, with crazy socks, beanie and a scarf and enjoy a sausage sizzle to raise money for Headspace and Kids Helpline.

Karaoke was also a hit, with a number of students singing along to some 80’s and 90’s tunes that they no doubt have heard their parents belt out at different times growing up.

It was a special week that seemed to bring a whole lot of joy to the students and staff of the College and we thank the students for engaging in the activities in the way that they did.

Mr Sam Kitschke, Director of Pastoral

Primary Campus


Design and Technology or (D&T) has been a part of the school curriculum for decades … it just wasn’t always called that!

Last week at the Primary Campus most year levels had a problem that they needed to solve using their skills of design with some aspects of technology and the guiding hands of their teachers.

The problem was how can we show our gratitude to the important male role models in our lives?

It’s the 21st Century and families have changed, but showing appreciation for those who guide us is just as relevant today as ever.

With this problem in mind the students ‘brainstormed’, designed, tested and developed a range of products that could show the significant role models in their lives just how much they appreciate them.

Here is a snapshot of what was created from Lasallian STARS right up to Year 4.

There were books that celebrated their qualities, honored the greatest dad jokes and included stories of special times. Portraits were painted, seeds were planted in exquisitely decorated pots, and new BBQ seasonings were invented and sampled. Add technology into the mix and mobile phone holders were made  along with old school noughts and crosses games, the traditional tie, gift bags and cards.

Although this may sound just like a great set of Arts and Crafts lesson, if we take time to break down the learning, this was a great example of hands on and authentic design thinking.

When students are given the opportunity to learn in this way, we are providing them with the skills to:

  • Have creative confidence in their abilities to adapt and respond to new challenges.
  • identify and develop innovative, creative solutions to problems they and others encounter.
  • Develop as optimistic, empathetic and active members of society who can contribute to solving the complex challenges the world faces.

Add into the mix the digital technologies and our Innovation Centre ensures that our students are well-placed to really explore and test what they know. Authentic learning comes through trial and error, we make mistakes we try again. Design thinking honours this approach and the results of last week’s endeavors I am sure were appreciated at home by our families. Huge thanks to all our educators who also went the extra mile last week to organise these learning activities.

Mrs Joanne Gilmore, Director of Teaching & Learning


Handy Guide for Teachers and Educators to Design Thinking



Our students had a special message for all the dads and father figures in our lives!

Secondary Campus


On Thursday 2 September Week 7, the entire Year 10 cohort was lucky enough to go for a walk along the Hallett Cove Boardwalk. After reviewing my experience on the Hallett Cove walk to Brighton, I found that it was fun and also helpful as it gave us a brief insight into some of the science behind the beaches and cliffs, in addition to giving us relief from our schoolwork. As it was a nice day, we were able to have a steady walk where we could interact with our peers throughout the day. The group stopped at the Marino Rocks café for a brief rest, then it was on to Brighton for lunch. The walk gave students some time to get out and about to reflect on themselves and it was an opportunity to revive their mental health while enjoying the amazing wildlife and views throughout the conservation park. Through the walk, students were able to increase their cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness while also making new friends along the way.

Written by Year 10 student Paul Choimes (10PC-10)


Write a Book in a Day is a fun, creative and collaborative competition for students in Years 7 to 12. Teams of up to ten have just twelve hours to write and illustrate a book from start to finish. To make it even more fun, unique parameters must be included in the story. Digital editions of the completed stories are donated to children in hospitals across Australia. Funds raised through sponsorship go to The Kids’ Cancer Project, a national charity supporting childhood cancer research.

St Michael’s College entered one team for the first time in 2020, and now in 2021 we have two teams!

Team One (Middle): Lily Colville, Nikita Bugg, Ashton Jackson, Tahlia Ward, Chelsea Shepperd, Aijana Kostich, Joshua Francis, Massimo Marrone, Charlie Randall, and Emily Stevens.

Team Two (Senior): Luca Camozzato, Lachlan Stevens, Katelyn Spencer, Kristian DeCandia, Nicholas Andriolo, Samuel Jarvis, Lilia Tonev, Alyssa Meade, and Kiara Didyk.

If you’d like to make a donation, links to our “Sponsor the Team” are below:

https://writeabookinaday.com/team-sponsorship/?id=1098 (Middle Team)

https://writeabookinaday.com/team-sponsorship/?id=887 (Senior Team)

The competition will be held on Thursday 16 September. Best wishes to our budding authors and illustrators!

Mrs Maria Pepe-Micholos, Head of Library – Secondary


On Wednesday 25 August two Year 10 students, Jacob Feijen (10PC-04) and Joel Grygus (10PC-04) attended the UniSA Maths Experience day at the Mawson Lakes Campus.

“On the Uni SA Maths Experience Day we got to talk to numerous specialists in mathematics from different fields. The specialists talked about how mathematics can lead into a wide range of fields such as engineering, health, and science. We got to design bridges on excel then 3D-print them and test them. There was also a puzzle competition which Jacob and myself both won. I would recommend this experience to any students interested in going”. – Joel Grygus (10PC-04)

Ms Anne Finlay, Head of Department – Maths


Week 8: Curiosity

Earlier this year I wrote about curiosity and I explained that I often wondered where we would be without it… What innovations would we be missing in our daily lives?

According to Martin Seligman and Chris Peterson, often considered to be the ‘fathers’ of positive psychology, curiosity is interest, novelty seeking and an openness to experience and represents ones’ intrinsic desire for experience and knowledge. Curiosity can help us engage in daily activities such as being absorbed in the plot of a movie, listening carefully to the news or a new song, or watching something in nature in wonder [1].

This week the College celebrates Wellbeing Week, a time when we focus on engaging and enjoyable ways to enhance our physical and mental wellbeing as a community, together. Curiosity can help us here too!

Seligman who, with his colleague, Peterson, identified the 24 character strengths we discuss in Years 7-9 Pastoral Care, also identified a number of pillars of wellbeing. These include: Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Achievement (PERMA). Wellbeing can be viewed as a continuum, and our position on that continuum, is believed to be influenced positively by a productive focus on these pillars.  Many practitioners also emphasize a focus on Health, as we can benefit from being encouraged to eat well, sleep well and exercise for good health. There is a great deal of literature and documented research, anchored in science, surrounding all of these constructs dating back many years now.

Educational frameworks and professional standards require that student development includes a focus on personal and social capabilities. Pastoral Care programs across the College, and curriculum areas therefore plan to facilitate stronger wellbeing, reflecting proactive learning experiences around issues that cause concern for our youth, as highlighted in national data collections such as Mission Australia’s. The many learning experiences in Pastoral Care are documented in our Year 7-12 Pastoral Care Document.

This week, for example, students in Years 8 and 9 were engaged in some learning experiences that focus on positive body image, considered to be the third most concerning issue for young people in Australia [2]. Working together with the Head of Health and PE, Year 8 and 9 Year Level Directors arranged for girls’ classes to attend a presentation by Taryn Brumfitt of the Body Image Movement, and the boys’ classes were engaged in the RESET program, developed through the Butterfly Foundation, and RUOK? conversations.

Taryn afforded her audience many questions to be curious about, including ‘What are the images we are bombarded with? Who are we letting into our lives (in terms of influencers)…and do they make us feel good about ourselves? Taryn encouraged students to catch themselves when their inner voice is negative and ask “Is that mindset moving me towards my goals?”, effectively reframing negativity with positive inner voice. She encouraged us to view our body, not as an ornament, but as a vehicle to our dreams.

This week in my email to staff and students in Years 7-9,  I encouraged them to use their strength of curiosity to consider how they might take a personal approach to  build the pillars of their wellbeing so that as a community we can know, value and care for each other better, and that we can ensure that we are all placed best to flourish.

I also invited students to be curious about the many activities on offer this week… from the petting zoo to Pause Yoga, to the sporting challenges, to the Gratitude Wall, to the screening of the film Soul and everything in between! I asked them to approach these experiences with wonder and to join in and create some positive emotions for themselves and those around them. In this way, we can work towards knowing, valuing and caring for each other as a community, and positioning ourselves to flourish to be the best we can be! ?

Have a safe and happy weekend ahead! It is Week 9 next week – can you believe it? I often wonder, too, where the year is going! 

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader

[1] Seligman M E P and Peterson C, Character strengths and Virtues A handbook and classification
[2] Mission Australia Survey, 2020


On Tuesday 7 September, the Year 8 cohort participated in their retreat. It was a perfect way to focus on our Character Strengths and to understand the positive impact we can have on each other through our behaviour. Beautiful weather, positive and engaged students and motivated Lasallian Youth Leaders (LYLs) all enabled the day to be a success and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

“On Tuesday the Year 8s went to different locations and learned about what it means to be a hero. The LYLs ran various sessions on what inspires us to be the best we can be. During the day I enjoyed the games that we played because they encouraged teamwork and were lots of fun. I also enjoyed hearing the Year 10 stories of when they were in Year 8 because it made me relate to them and know I’m not the only one going through challenges”. Lara Hope (8GPC-01)

Mr Paul Flaherty, Year 8 Director

Careers & VET Services



If you are interested in studying at Adelaide Central School of Art (degree or short course program), or are just curious to see what goes on, you are invited  to attend the open day which will include campus tours, lecturer presentations, students working throughout the building, open studios to view, as well as coffee and a bake sale. Please find more information here.


Virtual Camp Parliament for Girls Australia is an interactive online class that introduces girls ages 12 to 17 to Australia’s parliamentary system of government.
Saturday 11 September 2021, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm (online)
Click here for more information.


Wednesday 15 September 2021, 11:00 am – 11:30 am (webinar)
Click here for more information.


Games Animation Films VFX
Wednesday 15 September 2021, 6.00pm – 8:00 pm (online)
Click here for more information


Key insights will be provided into animal behaviour, animal science and veterinary technology degrees, and discussions on how you can become a vet through University of Adelaide’s veterinary program. Register here.


We do not encourage promote or endorse any external revision programs as we believe there is plenty of resources and support here at the College. We provide the following links to external revision programs for a family’s own assessment and consideration:

Adelaide University Year 12 Revision, click here
Adelaide Tuition Centre Seminars, click here
Adelaide Education Group Spring Revision Seminars, click here
Year 12 Accounting – If you are interested in a special free UniSA Exam Revision, there is a session being held on Saturday 23 October. Sessions will be delivered by UniSA’s teaching staff and is supported by the Business & Enterprise Teachers Association of SA Inc. Register here.


Free Webinar, Tuesday 5 October 4:30 – 6:00 pm AEST

This event will give attendees an opportunity to start shaping their future careers – the focus will be on developing a global mindset and how they can start building future skills now.

What to expect:

  • Welcome and icebreaker
  • EY and the Future of Work – overview of EY and introduction to the Future of Work
  • Mindset over skillset – demonstrating the importance of mindset over skillset, how to develop a global mindset, and the importance of diversity within teams
  • Career Conversations – EY professionals will talk about their journey from high school to uni and then to EY. They will provide an overview of the work they do. Students will also have the opportunity to ask questions
  • Getting future ready – Overview of future EY programs on offer to students and how/when to apply for these.

Click here to register.


A SEQTA direct message was sent to all Year 10 and Year 11 students and parents alerting them to the very timely information accessible on the SEQTA Black Green Careers and VET tile: Important Information: Careers Presentations: 2021 Medicine Dentistry and Oral Health handout. There may even be interested Year 9 students who wish to check this out. We have asked any students who are interested in being added to an email distribution list for future updates to email rose.coorey@smc.sa.edu.au. We ask that students email and not parents on students’ behalf. We always try and encourage self management in terms of Career Planning.


This week on SEEK (and the numerous other group training schemes and employment agencies such as Maxima), are various 2022 opportunities: ranging from apprentice grounds person at Adelaide Oval to Traineeships in legal assisting,  warehousing and much more. Now is the time to look into these for 2022.

SA Dental applications for 2022 Dental Assisting Traineeships close on 17 September, click here for more information.

Zambreros at Henley Beach are currently looking to hire a number of new staff. Interested students should go to this link and attach their resume and cover letter.


Whilst most Year 11 students may have now selected their 2022 Year 12 subjects they may now wish to consider subjects that operate outside of the College. Students who choose to do one of these subjects can easily drop one of their subjects once enrolled in one of these alternative courses. If students wish to discuss any on these options they can book in with Ms Coorey or for Aviation, Mr Woolford.


Workplace Practices for Elite Athletes for State Reps or highest “League” reps. Via Marden Open Access, click here for more information. Applications via Mr O’Reilly. Very highly scaled subject. Note, eligible students even in Year 10 can consider this subject.


Students may choose to do other subjects through Marden Open Access – which may not run at St Michael’s in 2022. For example Geography. The cost for the family is approximately $1500. Click here for more information.


The Adelaide School of Languages offers SACE Stage 2 Integrated Learning.
French for Industry – please see the advertisement below (This is a very highly scaled subject): https://schooloflanguages.sa.edu.au/


Twilight Stage 2 subjects can be completed at Thebarton Senior College and are held one night per week between 4.00 – 7.00 pm for subjects that St Michael’s College not offer (Cost to family TBC). Please See this link.

Stage 2 Earth and Environmental Science, Journalism and Media, or Food and Hospitality


For details regarding aviation at AMSC Bedford Park, Please see Mr Woolford.
For information regarding Stage 1 and Stage 2 Aviation options at Glenunga International College, please see this link.

Ms Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Careers Counsellors