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Youth Environmental Leader Update

More Trees Project

As you know some of our precious trees and shrubs have been removed at the Primary Campus due to our building works. We understand that this could not be avoided, but we wanted a plan to make sure many more plants would be planted. This is where the “More Trees Project” came to life. We have been busy researching plants for our school and Mr Patton approved two planting days, which is very exciting.

Our first planting day was in Week 6, on World Environment Day. With help from 9 classes, we managed to plant over 200 plants. Our Kiss & Drop area has never looked so colourful!

Our second planting day will be early next term on National Tree Planting Day. We will be planting 4 new trees in front of the Innovation Centre, and 2 new trees inside our wetlands.

Mother’s Day Stall

Just before Mothers Day, we ran our first Market Stall for this year. It was a huge success, selling out of absolutely everything! We sold produce from our garden, including a huge watermelon and zucchini.  We also sold 40 bottles of our famous De La Sauce, and many hand made eco friendly gifts perfect for our Mums.

We raised over $700 and look forward to supporting several environmental charities with this money. We also plan to buy a couple of arches to go over our garden, where we can grow some climbing fruit and vegetables.

Recycling the Tricky Stuff

Have you seen our 3 new recycling stations? These recycle stations are for all of those tricky items that you have at home, and just don’t know what to do with them.

Some of these items include plastic bread tags, clean bottle tops, mobile phones, small electronic waste, stationery, blister packs and old t shirts.

Our Year 2s will be monitoring these stations, and their wonderful parents will help us deliver them to the many recycling companies in SA.

World Environment Day

On Friday 2nd June we were lucky to join over 1000 students at the Botanic Gardens to celebrate World Environment Day.  We had fun exploring the gardens, learning about plastic pollution and how to better care for our wetlands.

Our favourite activity was the second hand clothing making area, where we were able to make anything we wanted using clothing which would normally end up in landfill. Did you know that the average person buys 54 pieces of brand new clothing every year?  That sure is a lot.

We look forward to sharing our other future environmental projects with you.

Your Year 6 Youth Environmental Leaders