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Year 5 $20 Boss Challenge

The Year 5 students have been introduced to the world of small business and entrepreneurship, taking on the ‘$20 Boss’ challenge as part of the Business & Economics Curriculum. Each student received $20, and in groups of three, developed a business idea to bring to life.

Using their creativity and innovative skills, students came up with an interesting product to sell and budgeted expenses to make them. After spending numerous lessons making products, and creating posters and videos to advertise them, a Market Stall Day was held last Wednesday where the Primary students were able to purchase products from each business. This was an amazing success with most businesses selling out and making a profit. Overall, out of the 17 businesses, the inaugural ‘$20 Boss’ made a whopping $948.87 profit!

The students thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity as evidenced by these testimonials:

“This amazing $20 Boss program has given me a greater understanding of business skills and has made me a more innovative person with the ideas we brainstormed. All these things we learned can be used in real life situations like when we start our own small business when we are older. This was the most amazing and outstanding unit I have ever done, so I am so very grateful that we can actually do an amazing unit like this. Thank you.” – Nate L

“I enjoyed how we were able to collaborate and bond together. It was also really fun making the products and we were able to think of ideas as we go.” – Bailey F

“I really liked the $20 Boss unit. It was the best subject in my life! I think it was really nice for kids because it teaches you how to maintain a business and how to spend your money with your budget, especially because I dream to have my own business.” – Aryaan A

“I really enjoyed how hands-on and interactive $20 Boss was and how fun and exciting it was.” – Jake U

“I really enjoyed the $20 Boss unit. Making it was so much fun, especially after you made your first one and tested it and how excited we were. Also selling the items was a real fun activity.”  – Aleksander P

“$20 BOSS was a great fun experience and probably my favourite lessons in class.” – Alessio E

“A great opportunity to learn about money & business.” – William O

Aaron Sayers, Year 5 Teacher