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Year 12 Wellbeing Presentation – ‘Bouncing Back: The Power of Resilience’

Motivational speaker and road safety advocate, Holly Scott, presented to our Year 12 students about overcoming adversity. In her passionate speech, Holly discussed her personal journey and imparted the methods required when facing challenging moments.

Holly has dedicated her life to raising awareness about the consequences of reckless driving and her own experience with a life-altering car accident sparked her determination to not only save lives on our roads but to help young people build resilience through gratitude, hope and maintaining perspective.

With her engaging storytelling and genuine empathy, Holly connected with our Year 12 students on a profound level. She shared her harrowing experience of the accident, outlining the subsequent challenges she faced during her recovery. Despite the physical and emotional hurdles, Holly found strength within herself and transformed her hardship into a powerful force for change.

The impact of Holly’s words was palpable as she implored the students to reflect upon their actions and commit to developing ‘grit’ in all facets of their lives. Her inspiring story served as a reminder that setbacks can be overcome with determination, consistency and the support of those around us.

We thank Holly for sharing her powerful message with our Year 12 students. Her unwavering dedication to road safety and her ability to connect with young minds have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the cohort.

As a College Community, let us always remember that appropriately navigating challenges unlocks the rewards.

Mark Labrosciano, Year 12 Director