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Strength of the Week – Prudence

Prudence is about keeping ourselves safe. It allows us to follow our dreams with care, minimising the risks of hurting ourselves or others. In life we have to strike a balance- we don’t want to be scared to pursue our goals, but we should also exercise care in our decision making, stopping and reflecting on the impact of our words and actions before we let them fly. This helps us to avoid situations we regret later and sees us empowered to flourish safely as we navigate life.  Proverbs 16:16 asks us to “Learn prudence which is more precious than gold.”

Last week in Reconciliation Week, with Mr Spencer’s leadership, we reflected on the errors of the past, and hope with all our hearts that as people we make better and more equitable choices in the future. We can think about the decisions we make in daily life and the long reaching impact they may have.

Students have reflected on the value of prudence in their workshops with Enlighten Education for girls and Goodfellas workshops for boys, considering the impact and reality of social media imaging, for example, and also considering our words and responses in standing for what is right.

This week we also see Life Education lessons unfold in Year 7, with Year 8 and 9 scheduled in coming weeks. Life Education sessions have a focus on the dangers of drugs, alcohol and vaping, intending to provide an awareness and reality check, towards informing healthier choices in our young people – being prudent. Mr Kitschke also recently addressed the College community about being prudent in a range of safety issues including the danger of vaping, so hopefully these sessions will pave the way to stronger prudence, healthy conversations and healthy choices going forward.

In my email to the school community this week, I discussed the following as strategies for the development of prudence, and some could be very challenging!

  • THINKING A LOT before we speak or post. What will be the consequences? Will it be an impression of us parents or grandparents would be happy with?
  • STAYING away from gossip… when we have nothing nice to say, say nothing.
  • Ask…. do I really need to respond now or can I think about it a bit more?
  • Talking to someone older and wiser than us before making big decisions.
  • Making decisions when we are feeling relaxed, not angry or anxious. Writing down a list of pros and cons to help work it out.
  • Checking our facts- thinking about the other side of a situation and how the other person might be feeling.
  • Planning our time to allow for all of our responsibilities including homework and assignments.
  • Keeping our goals in mind- checking our progress.
  • Asking whether we are treating others as we would like to be treated.
  • LISTENING to the voice in our head that tells us something is NOT the best choice.
  • Practicing patience when someone or something pushes our buttons. Start by counting to at least 10.

Enjoy the colours of autumn that surround us all at the moment and have a wonderful week ahead!

Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Wellbeing Initiatives Leader