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Strength of the Week – Hope

Life can feel like a rollercoaster sometimes. We often love the rush of emotions that we feel when we ride it… and when it’s over we usually feel proud we did, because it shows us that we can overcome challenge and make it to the end.

We hold tight while the carriages head towards the summit; feeling curious and anxious about what’s coming next.  Then there’s almost freefall into the unknown, and then the ride takes us on sharp left and right turns before inching towards the next summit. It seems to take our breath away. We want to laugh, scream and hold our breath, all at the same time. Hope,  curiosity, and often humour guide us.  It’s the most fun when we take this ride with friends or family around us because then we share those feelings and experiences and support each other. Hopefully, we’ll laugh about it afterwards when we remember. Those emotional, shared experiences always connect us in such strong ways.

For many of us the year might have been a bit like a long roller coaster ride. We have approached our own summits by setting our goals, and at times we have also taken a bit of a freefall when events were out of our control. We have held on and persevered, and then in curiosity and hope we have worked towards the next summit on the horizon. Together, holding on in a very long carriage, we have shared the emotions and experiences of those around us, and hopefully this has helped us to really know, value and care for each other.

Soon we’ll step off the ride we began together for the year and we’ll rest and reflect.  Like any transport, we’re encouraged to take everything we have (learned) with us.

Before long in 2024, we’ll hop on the roller coaster again, wondering about the opportunities and achievements the ride will hold,  remembering to consider the people beside, in front of, and behind us, and being mindful of our commitment to value and care for them, as they will care for us.

Together, we’ll look ahead with confidence to explore our curiosities, keep our goals in sight, and lead with hope and kindness.

Hold on, smile, and above all, ride the roller coaster in a way that will make you proud of yourself and your achievements when you remember this time with friends in years to come!

As Christmas approaches, we remember the special time and a tiny baby who entered the world to offer us eternal hope.

Have a wonderful Week 8 – grateful for the many opportunities and looking forward in hope.  Let’s share this special time being our best, together.

May St Michael watch over all of us on our ‘roller coaster rides’ to come!

Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Wellbeing Initiatives Leader