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Lent and Project Compassion at the Primary Campus

We have just finished the Church’s season of Lent. Lent teaches us to “Fast, Pray and Give.” The theme for Lent this year at the Primary Campus was, “How can you be God’s Hands?” One way we could be God’s Hands was to raise money for people less fortunate than ourselves, through the Project Compassion Appeal.

A number of students decided to sell products they had made themselves and donate the funds to Project Compassion. Two students made and sold loom bands and were able to donate $255. An amazing effort; well done Jackson and Ellie!

Our Parent Committee came up with the initiative to create a “Guess the Number of Easter Eggs in the Jar” competition. $170.50 was raised for Project Compassion. Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to our Faith, Service and Community (FSC) Leaders who sold guesses at lunchtime and the members of the Parent Committee who gave up their time to prepare the jars and posters, sell guesses and count money.

Thank you to all our families for their donations. We look forward to completing a final count soon. We can all be God’s Hands in our world!

Katrina Kreis, Director of Religion and Spirituality