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Founders Day at the Primary Campus

It’s been a very busy beginning of Term with so many wonderful things happening in our school across both campuses. Last week, we took time to celebrate our Founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle. Our Daily Prayer focus for the week was dedicated to his memory. The celebrations started on Monday 15 May, the day that marks the Solemnity of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, with many students and staff greeting each other with the words, “Happy Founder’s Day”. On Wednesday 17 May, the College community gathered on two campuses to commemorate Founder’s Day Mass. The theme of the Mass was, Show Faith by Action. Mass at the Primary was presided by Fr Santhosh. Lasallian schools and organisations worldwide devote time to this special celebration. We all belong to a global Lasallian Family and our own College is a part of this Lasallian Family.

During this time dedicated to our Founder, we looked at the meaning of the word, ‘Founder’ so even our youngest children could appreciate who we are, where we have come from and what we are all about. Saint John Baptist de La Salle was the person who started the very first Lasallian school in the city of Reims in France back in the 17th century. This school was not like any other school because it was a school for the poor children of Reims. He believed that all children were worthy of receiving a human and Christian education, because it would lift them out of poverty, giving them the knowledge, skills and hope for a better future and life.

Saint John Baptist de La Salle set up the first school with the help of his friend, Adrien Nyel and the first De La Salle Brothers who taught the children how to read, write, count, solve problems and work together. De La Salle believed that it was important to be brothers and sisters to one another by showing kindness, care and togetherness. He believed that it was important for the children to learn to sit quietly, to listen to each other, to walk in nature and to pray and remember that we are in God’s presence always and that Jesus lives in our hearts. Saint John Baptist de La Salle trusted in God’s love and help to do this important work with his teachers and students. And so, as a Lasallian Family, we reflect on the work and legacy of our beloved Founder and renew our commitment to his Lasallian mission and vision of God’s love, human dignity and human potential for all children, especially those most in need.

During Mass, the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion received were blessed, and the children in the Sacramental Program received their Certificate of First Reconciliation. During the week, children also watched the animation movie created by Lasallian students in the Philippines. You may enjoy watching the movie as a family.

Patrizia Puglia, Director of Religion and Spirituality (Primary)