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Celebrating STEM MAD 2023 at St Michael’s College Primary Campus

Science Week at St Michael’s College Primary Campus was taken to a whole new level with the amazing STEM MAD 2023 event hosted by CESA at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Our young innovators showcased their brilliance and creativity, leaving us all in awe of their remarkable projects and problem-solving skills.

One shining star among our students is Samuel from Year 6, whose project ‘The Portawater Filter’ took the spotlight as a finalist in the competition. Samuel’s innovation truly exemplifies the theme ‘Making a Difference.’ His portable water filter design is a game-changer for those affected by natural disasters or living in areas with limited access to clean water. Samuel’s journey began with a vision, crafted in Canva, transformed into a 3D masterpiece using Makers Empire, and culminated in a prototype using real river stones, sand, charcoal, and cotton wool.

Our STEM Club had more incredible projects to showcase! William, a Year 5 student, wowed everyone with his ingenious bushfire vehicle. Thomas, another bright mind from Year 6, presented the Gecko and Teletubby Roger Transmitter Stand, a project aimed at assisting students with hearing difficulties. This 3D printed product is actually used at the primary campus in classrooms and helps students to use and remember their Roger listening transmitters. These projects are not only impressive but also demonstrate the students’ commitment to tackling real-world challenges through scientific thinking and innovation.

Our young inventors demonstrated their prowess by following the design cycle to perfection. They consulted teachers, engaged with industry leaders, and collaborated with fellow students to refine their ideas. The entire process encapsulated the essence of engineering, problem-solving, and creative thinking.

STEM MAD 2023 wasn’t just about projects; it was about empowering young minds. The event included engaging activities like a Kahoot challenge and a Breakout EDU-style activity, where laughter and learning blended seamlessly. Jokes were shared, bonds were formed, and memories were created, making the event truly unforgettable.

None of this would have been possible without the expert guidance and supervision of Catholic Education Office team, teachers, and leadership. Ms. Kate Tyrwhitt, the Curriculum Enrichment Coordinator Innovation at the Primary campus nurtured these young minds and provided them with the platform to showcase their brilliance. Mr Damian McNamara Director – Student Wellbeing & Administration came to support and view Samuel facing the judging panel which was quite nerve wracking when you have the Andy Thomas Foundation leaders on the panel!

The STEM MAD 2023 event was a resounding success, celebrating scientific thinking, mathematical processes, and problem-solving skills. Our students not only represented our school but also exemplified the spirit of innovation that will undoubtedly shape our future. Let’s continue to celebrate innovation and creativity. Together, we’re shaping a future where science, technology, engineering, and mathematics make a real difference!

Watch the video HERE.

Kate Tyrwhitt, Art & Design Teacher