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Mission Action Day 2023 (MAD)

The 2023 Mission Action Day (MAD) will be held on Friday, 31 March.  St Michael’s College prides itself on both the participation levels of its students and the success of fundraising on this special day, whereby we raise approximately $50,000 each year for those most in need.

Steeped in our history, MAD began in the 1960s, as a walk-a-thon along our local beaches, from Henley to Semaphore and back. Today MAD has grown to include many activities designed to cater more widely for the interests of students in R – 12.  Mission Action Day is a very important College Event in our calendar, a tradition that is well known right across Australia for Lasallian schools, where we come together to make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves.  The Lasallian Foundation was established by the De La Salle Brothers to support schools in the Asia-Pacific region. Funds that we raise contribute largely to the development of schools in Pakistan and Papua New Guinea. St Michael’s College is a Catholic school in the Lasallian tradition which is committed to the human and Christian education of the young, especially the poor.

As students and staff have the opportunity to spend a great day undertaking fun activities, we are encouraged to reflect on how the money raised goes straight to others in our wider community who are in greater need than ourselves. Proceeds raised are directed towards Lasallian projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region, providing children in need with an opportunity for a better future. You may like to ask your child/student in your care about the videos we watched at the MAD launch in relation to this (see below).

Funds from the event will also go to various local and national charities, including St Vinnies, Caritas and Hutt Street Centre, organisations that our Year 10 students visit each year to gain awareness of the great work that volunteers are undertaking to improve the lives of others.

A letter has been sent to all parents with further information and a registration form, and we ask that all forms and money be paid in advance by Friday, 10 March 2023.  Some activities have limited spaces (generally due to the availability of facilities or for student safety), and hence allocation will be determined in the order of payment.

We look forward to your support for MAD 2023!

Where does our fundraising go?

Funds that we raise contribute largely to the development of schools in Pakistan and Papua New Guinea. The Mission Action Day money you donate is greatly appreciated.  We welcome you to view the heart-warming video from the La Salle School, Pakistan which shows the wonderful students our fundraising assists – view here

Some of these schools exist in areas of extreme poverty, where without a school like these, students in these areas just wouldn’t have an opportunity to be educated. Just as St John Baptist De La Salle had the opportunity to help the needy receive an education in France, we as a St Michael’s community now get to help others to have that same opportunity to be educated.

The Lasallian Foundation was established in 2004 by the De La Salle Brothers to support educational works and initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region. Since its establishment in 2004, the Lasallian Foundation has supported projects and initiatives in Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and South Sudan. In recent years, the focus of the Lasallian Foundation has narrowed so that Pakistan and Papua New Guinea are now its main areas of operation. St Michael’s College annually contributes to the Lasallian Foundation through Mission Action Day (MAD) fundraising, supporting the Lasallian mission, schools, students, and communities most in need. https://www.lasallianfoundation.org.au/

MAD Launch Video

Each year, our College Leaders are involved in creating a video to launch the annual MAD Day celebrations and fundraising opportunities.  This year’s students have once again created an amazing production starring the talents of Mr Daley and Mr Dempsey – see below.  To set the scene for this year’s video …..

The secondary campus becomes addicted to their phones and a group of students get stuck inside of a phone.  To escape they have to go through the different apps and find a way out. They do this by visiting each MAD venue to try and find they key to help them escape, Will they get out in time for MAD day or will they let the evil technology control them?
The College Leaders would like to say thank you to all staff and students who have given up their time to contribute to the video. We hope you enjoy it! View here