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From the Principal

It is with immense pleasure that I write to you for the first time as Principal of St Michael’s College.
Over the coming years I will reflect on many areas of education which I hope will in some small way help you to navigate the most precious task, which is raising a child.

Over my 35 years in education, I can clearly state that if the partnership between student, College and the family is strong, the child has the best chance of success.

In my brief time at St Michael’s College, I have experienced a very warm welcome by the community. That famous quote that it “takes a village to raise a child” is so important from an education perspective. Everyone in the community plays a role in the child’s success; parents, teachers, coaches, peers, tutors, and education support officers all play a vital role in the education of young people. Schools are complex organisations, with many moving parts that interact with each other to achieve a common goal.

Since being appointed to the position of Principal I have been grappling with the meaning and purpose of what is human education from a Lasallian perspective means. For me I believe it comes down to relationships and developing strong connections with all members of the community. In the first week I have been trying to get into as many classes as possible to begin the journey with the students as they continue their Lasallian Education.

In conclusion, it has been pleasing to meet so many parents at the Information Evenings this week and last week and I hope to see you in and around all the College’s activities in the future.

God Bless

Tony Daley