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From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

Following Tuesday’s College Leadership Seminar Day, I’m pleased to announce the following appointments for 2022:

College Captains: Massimo Cavallo and Avah Topp.








College Vice Captains: Rana Hussien and Lyndon Williamson.








College Leaders 2022: Rami Abu Hassan, Megan Adrain, Sebastian Benedetti, Madison Caldwell, Lina Ciampa, Danica Colella, Bethany Corbett, Tayla Dawkins, Romy D’sylva Peck, William Jordan, Elisia Kousiandas, David Levett, Lucas Pacicca, Anah Reaiche, Lucas Sebastiano, Claudia Sherratt, Andjela Stojanovic, Tiahna Swanson, Mikayla Verrilli, and Joshua Winston.

Congratulations to our Captains and the student College Leaders who have been elected to these servant leadership positions by their peers and College staff. We offer them our best wishes and full support. Whilst being outstanding young people in their own right, this group is also very much representative of the wider student cohort and one of the reasons being an educator is such an enjoyable experience.

As part of the College Leadership Seminar Day, there is a presentation from each of our prospective College Captains. I proudly offer a glimpse of these through the following excerpts:

At St Michael’s College, “community” is more than a group of people and bigger than the classrooms we learn in. It is people who work together, who challenge each other, who care about each other and who create a safe space with and for each other. In any community, there will be moments worth celebrating and times when we will face challenges. But that’s what growing is about. At St Michael’s, we persist through the hard times to come out the other side even stronger, more connected and more resilient. We work together to create a more inclusive, stronger and committed community.

Leadership is not about spoken language or looks, rather leadership is the calling of one’s soul. A calling to be of service to others. To create community. To empower people to be the best version of themselves. To model, that when we live the truth of who we are, people respect the dignity and grace of our choices.

Community Challenge Choice. I believe that these form the backbone of our school community and is the reason why our community is as positive as it is. This positivity is why I and other students will always be willing to help others; be open to listening to other ideas; and act quickly upon issues. I believe this is special to St Michael’s and we must cultivate it for future students who will see it in our leadership. As St John Baptist de La Salle once said, ‘the way you behave should be a model for those you teach’.

I have consciously experienced the qualities St Michael’s has to offer to all its students, and as a result I am inspired to apply for this role as my contribution for sustaining the values of the college. The support, environment and culture of St Michael’s has enabled me to flourish academically, as well as enabling the renewal of my faith.

Leadership could be defined as the action of leading, encouraging, influencing or guiding a group of people or an organisation to be the best version of themselves. On my first day of Year 8, I felt very nervous, but was eager to meet new people. I remember a teacher came up to me, talked to me, and gave me the confidence to join a new group of people and socialise. This helped me feel known valued and cared for and was a real life example of the St Michael’s College community providing, influencing, and encouraging people who need it most to be the best they can be.

I want to help to “enable each and every student to feel confident and explore their curiosities”. Seen in our College vision and mission, these elements of confidence and curiosity are to me some of the most important factors when it comes to bringing up young people. Our curiosity about others and the world are what drive us to achieve and discover great things.

I arrived at St Michael’s with little confidence, and a few idiosyncrasies to my name, though very quickly realised that the College community goes above and beyond in achieving its mission and vision, as I felt welcomed, accepted and included. That would not occur without the tenacity and humility of its leaders. Leadership is more than confidence, or badge wearing, or a line on a resume, it requires communication, empathy, and an intersectional approach in role modelling, where the needs, interests and passions of all can be heard, and acknowledged. Recognition and support form an essential part of individual growth, as outlined through our core value of ‘challenge’.

There is no greater success then seeing those around you grow. A great leader shows kindness and undying support no matter the circumstances, is encouraging and approachable, is someone people look to for inspiration when at a loss, is someone who listens and empathises and is a voice when they feel unheard. A leader also sets an example for younger ones around them, demonstrating a mature outlook and providing a positive mindset on all aspects of life.

At St Michael’s, we believe in being a community; creating an inclusive and safe environment that allows everyone to be the best they can be. We believe in challenge; working together to overcome obstacles, which help us grow and learn. We believe in choice; the ability to choose our own pathway, positively influencing the lives of others.

As I move on from my role as Principal at St Michael’s, I continue to have great confidence and hope in the youth of today. I see this every day and am again affirmed and inspired through the example shown by next year’s College Leaders. There is a true sense of understanding the value of self and others and I wish our leaders and all the students at St Michael’s every success.

I personally pray that St Michael the Archangel watch over and protect the students of our College, inspiring them with the strength and humility to live life to the full with courage, commitment and honour.

Kind regards,

John Foley