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From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

One couldn’t help but smile at the photos from the recent ‘100 Days of Reception’ celebration at the Primary Campus. Miss Cole’s description of the day below showcases an inspirational and engaging way for students to learn, and to get to eat fairy bread.

100 Days of Reception

Since the beginning of the school year, the Reception students have been counting the days we have been at St Michael’s College and have been anticipating the arrival of our 100th day. This was an excellent opportunity to engage students in learning about numbers in a real-world example. Throughout the year we had counted by 1s and 10s and looked at how many more until we got to 100, and this term we finally reached 100 days of school!

To celebrate our 100th day of school students dressed up as if they were 100-year-olds. Friday morning was a buzz of excitement as students entered class looking much older than when they left Thursday afternoon. Students donned big bushy eyebrows and moustaches, pearls and headscarves, hair rollers and purple rinses and walking sticks and frames to help them get around. Our day was filled with activities all to do with the number 100. Students created self-portraits of their 100-year selves, used fruit loops and beads to represent groups of 10 as we counted all the way to 100, and recorded 100 reasons why we love school. Of course, we also made fairy bread to celebrate with 100s and 1000s.

Our favourite part of the day;

“The best part was dressing up because we had walking sticks.” – Carter
“My favourite part was making fairy bread because it was fun to make.” – Ava S
“I liked when we ate fairy bread because it was the best.” – Grayson
“I liked dressing up because it was funny, and we got to have a fun day.” – Abbey
“I loved the fairy bread, and we made a video when we dressed up. It was so fun.” – Eviana
“My favourite part was being old.” – Patrick W
“It was a fun day! I like making fairy bread.” – Olive
“It was fun because everyone dressed up as old men and old ladies.” – Nathaniel 

Miss Madeline Cole, Early Primary Coordinator & Reception Teacher

First XVIII Football Grand Finals

History was made for the College this week when both the Boys’ and Girls’ 1st XVIII Football teams made their Grand Finals. The boys will play against Sacred Heart College this coming Saturday and the girls will play Scotch College Thursday of next week.

We wish all teams the best for these finals and trust they will remember the saying … “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game”.

We extend our sincere thanks to the students, staff, managers, and coaches of all our sporting teams for their commitment and support of the College’s co-curricular program.

Kind regards,

Mr Damian Patton
Acting Principal