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From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

On Thursday evening The South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools held its inaugural Catholic Education Awards South Australia for 2022. It was a wonderful evening celebrating the commitment many individuals have had in Catholic Education, and most importantly, the education of young people in South Australia. The award ceremony recognised Early Career Teachers, Experienced Teachers, Education Support, Volunteers, Innovative Programs and Leadership contributions to Catholic Education South Australia.

Our own Mr Ralph Broughton was recognised as the Volunteer Award winner. Over 20 years ago, this now amazing octogenarian approached St Michael’s College, offering his time and expertise as a retired educator. Ralph’s support has been overwhelming in both its extent and diversity. The timing and nature of his contribution has enriched the educational rewards for students and the effectiveness of, and satisfaction gained from, our teaching careers. Ralph assists students in the classroom setting as well as during recess and lunch breaks, after hours and during holiday periods. He has run exam revision sessions, prepared teaching materials, assisted with marking and the development of curriculum and assessment plans, as well as contributing extensively to the development of a VET program.
Ralph never hesitates to give his time or energy to all members of our community. He also offers collegiate support to our hard-working teachers, offering both practical and emotional support, giving us the benefit of his decades of experience in education which is both benevolent and inspiring. Ralph’s positive association is uplifting and affirming for us as practitioners.

In his speech, Ralph dedicated the award to his mother who worked tirelessly bringing up him and his sister by herself following the death of his father at a very young age. He acknowledged his life was influenced during his primary and secondary education by many wonderful Josephite Nuns and Marist Brothers.

When talking about St Michael’s College, Ralph said, “I acknowledge that I give some of my time in helping students achieve a measure of success in their learning. However, it is important to stress that I enjoy every minute of it. It adds purpose for my life, keeps my mind active and alert, and improves quality of life in these latter years. The respect shown to me by students and seeing them achieving success is extremely rewarding. The comradery of the staff, their acceptance, friendship, and respect they so freely give, is greatly appreciated”.

Ralph is an inspiration to us all and a wonderful example of the wisdom, insights and knowledge that a life rich with experience brings.

We, here in St Michael’s community, are truly blessed!

Kind regards,

Mr Damian Patton
Acting Principal