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Congratulations to the following Certificate 2 and 3 students of Dance 2021 who completed their VET courses last year.

Certificate 2
Poppy Benson, Vanessa Campanale, Natasha Kannane, Ana Machiste Guitan and Anabelle Woods.

Certificate 3
Milana Belmonte, Romy D’Sylva-Peck, Jessica Gerace, Amelia Russo, Alyssa Simes, and Andjela Stojanovic.

We can appreciate it has been a big journey full of fun and learning with some challenges along the way, and we celebrate these students for their commitment and persistence – well done!

Dance is an excellent way for students to gain recognition for hours of dance they are completing outside of school hours. Students can use hours they are already completing in Ballet, Street Dance, Contemporary, Jazz, and Tap to complete their certificate. VET Dance Certificate 2 in Dance is eligible for up to 50 SACE Credit points, and students who complete Certificate 3 in Dance are eligible for up to 70 SACE Credit points which is an excellent option for achieving SACE. A completed Certificate 3 can take the place of a students’ lowest scaled subject and is calculated from the other three scaled scores, along with the Research Project.

Ms Hayley Kollevris, Dance Coordinator