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Congratulations to Year 7 student, Charlie Randall (7BPC-02), for producing an outstanding submission for the 2021 Young Scientist of the Year Competition. The competition required students to create a short film related to an environmental problem in one of the following areas: Energy and Critical Minerals, Wildlife Conservation or Agriculture.

Charlie focused his video on an issue that he identified in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary. Charlie recognised how the noise created by marine traffic can interfere with the ability of animals such as dolphins and whales to navigate through waterways and how this can cause the animals stress and/or physical harm. Charlie considered some naturally occurring and artificial methods to reduce the amount of noise in the waterways. Charlie suggested that vegetation could be planted in the ocean to absorb some of the sound from the vessels, similar to the way plants are used on land to absorb the sound of traffic. He also suggested that mats could be made out of porous materials and placed in waterways to help absorb sound and therefore lessen the effect the vessels may have on the marine animals.

Well done Charlie for the dedication you have shown towards your studies and all the best for the outcome of the competition!

Charlie’s submission can be viewed below:

Mr Jack Alberton, Head of Science – Secondary