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Community Notes

Community Notes


We are now in the third week of Lent with the Project Compassion story of Janice, a Wagilak woman and traditional dancer who tells her family’s stories through movements handed down over generations.

Like many remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Janice faces a range of challenges – low employment and education, financial hardship, poorer health, and lower life expectancy.

With your help, Caritas Australia supports Djilpin Arts Aboriginal Corporation, which operates a centre for traditional and contemporary Aboriginal arts and culture, providing employment and generating income for local communities.

Janice believes that Djilpin Arts’ work is essential to create opportunities for young people to stay on-country, to share intergenerational knowledge between elders and the younger generation,to promote healing, and to keep culture alive.

Watch a short film about Janice’s story here.


The ‘Who’s in Charge?’ group is a free 8 week program for parents/carergivers of young people, aged between 8 and 18, who are beyond control, violent or defiant.

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