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Australian National University (ANU) direct applications for 2023 admissions are now open. Interested students must be eligible for an ATAR and will be assessed on Year 11 results and Co-Curricular or Service requirements (CCS). CCS is a mandatory section of the ANU application asking you to demonstrate involvement in activities outside the classroom including sport, paid work, volunteering and more.

Applications close on 23 May 2022 and outcomes will be released 5 September 2022. Don’t forget to check out the scholarships page while you’re there. Please be aware if you wish to apply for a scholarship as well, the application deadlines are much earlier. Click here for more information.


The 25 students awarded the Tuckwell Scholarship at ANU each year receive $22,350 per annum (2021 rate) (increasing with inflation) for each year of the length of their undergraduate degree. This will cover on-campus residential costs, books, and general living expenses priority access guaranteed to ANU-approved student accommodation. They will also receive an annual allowance of up to $2,000 to assist with their move to Canberra and to support two annual return journeys (e.g. airfares) between their home and the university for each year of their degree. The allowance will be dependent on the proximity of their family home to ANU. There is also an allowance to help cover the transport costs for your parents/caregivers to attend Commencement Weekend at the start of the program, and an ANU Sports Centre membership for the length of the degree. Click here for more information.


The Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program is open to Year 12 students Australia wide for 2023 entry. CSU assess two things, your Year 11 results and your ‘soft’ skills. In short, you need to respond to three questions demonstrating your communication, resilience, empathy and motivation. Round one applications are already open meaning you could receive a course offer as early as May. Although there are three rounds, popular courses can fill up in the first round (apply by 31 March 2022). Please note the locations of the Charles Sturt Campus include Port Macquarie and Wagga Wagga. Some of the courses which are part of this program include Medical Radiations. Click here for more information.


This full-day conference event is proudly brought to you by WAI Australian Chapter it is for females over 16 and males over 18.

The forum is a free event designed to cultivate innovative ideas in our youth and early career professionals, share career pathway information and provide support networks to women for their journey in the aviation aerospace, and space sectors.

The day will see a lineup of inspirational leaders and emerging leaders, who will be sharing their knowledge, followed by a two-hour networking and trade show event. The two-hour networking and trade show event will allow attendees, guest speakers, and industries to network, collaborate, learn and support.

The EML Forums are designed to support women between the ages of 16 and 30 years of age who are either early career professionals or students who are defining their career pathway. (Primary ticket reserves are for this.)

There will also be great value and benefit to men and women in the industry who are at 18+ years of age and are at any stage of their career who wish to support this events philosophy. (Limited ticket reserves for this category).

What’s included:

  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • Sit down conference
  • Networking and career tradeshow session
  • Delegate pack which includes an Aviation Careers Guide

Location: The Stamford Grand, Glenelg

Registration is essential as spots are limited. Please click here for more information.

Please note: This is a normal school day but not a school event. Families would be making their own evaluation and decisions about a student attending. In the first instance, students should discuss potential absence with their teachers at this important stage of the Term.


Year 11 Virtual Work Experience
A new government initiative to help build the Defence industry is the Virtual Work Experience Program. The Defence Industry Virtual Work Experience Program will provide opportunities for students who may face geographic or other barriers to participating in traditional work experience. Students will undertake collaborative, group science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) projects, including projects linked to real-world research and industry challenges. The program will commence in Term 2, 2022 with a pilot of approximately 30 students. Please email workexperience@csiro.au to register for more information.

To be eligible to participate in the Virtual Work Experience, students must be:

  • A Year 11 student
  • Aged 15 to 17 years old for the duration of the work experience
  • Enrolled in a school in Australia and able to commit to the designated days as specified by the supervisor (with students seeking approval from their school)
  • Be supported by a teacher, parent or other approved adult in their physical location throughout their work experience project

The experience will be run by the Department of Defence in conjunction with Australia’s National Science Agency, CSIRO.

Year 11 and Year 12 Defence Work Experience Program (in person)
There are already a range of work experience opportunities for students advertised on the Defence Work Experience Program website.

These include:

  • 11 to 14 April, Army Familiarisation – RAAF Edinburgh
  • 12 to 13 May, Army Familiarisation – Keswick Barracks
  • 23 to 26 May, Air Force Familiarisation – RAAF Edinburgh
  • 28 to 29 July, Army Familiarisation – Keswick Barracks
  • 19 to 22 September, Air Force Familiarisation – RAAF Edinburgh
  • 27 to 29 October, Army Familiarisation – Keswick Barracks

Students need to in Year 11 or Year 12 participate with the support of St Michaels College and must be able to get to the location as public transport options to Edinburgh are extremely limited.


Expand your interest in STEM by subscribing to the Flinders University STEM Club eNewsletter. Students can win prizes worth $100 each newsletter just by subscribing! Readers will be engaged with STEM breakthroughs that will leave their minds blown. Click here for more information.


A volunteering opportunity has come up at ‘Save the Children’ Kidman Park store as a Sunday retail assistant. Please click here for more information.


The Centre for Australian Space Education (CASE) invites applications from Year 10 students for the 25th annual residential South Australian Space School (SASS) from 20 – 23 April 2022. Please note applications close Friday 25 March 2022. For more information or to lodge an application, please click here.

Ms Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Careers Counsellors