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Urgent SATAC Update
We incorrectly advertised the SATAC university change of preference deadline for Year 12 students as 10 January 2022.

In fact this year there will be an offer round for all eligible courses, with offers going out on 21 December 2021 and as such students have until 5:00 pm on Wednesday 15 December 2021 to finalise their preference order on the SATAC website..

That means there is only a few days between receiving SATAC results on Monday 13 December 2021 and having preferences in order by the Wednesday 15 December 2021. We are hoping that students have their preferences in order by 7:00 pm on Monday 13 December so that we can make contact as required the following day leading up to the Wednesday deadline.

There will be another SATAC offer round on 14 January 2022 with the deadline to change preferences by 10 January 2022.

Please be aware that if you receive an offer on 21 December 2021 to a lower preference, you need to respond by the 10 January deadline to indicate you still wish to be considered for a higher preference. Students who miss out on their preferred preference after 21 December are welcome to email Ms Coorey for discussion and are encouraged to make contact with the relevant university to discuss options.

Please be very careful changing preferences as some may not be able to be added back on etc and you may not get equal consideration.

Always contact SATAC to get further clarification.

There is a broad range of scholarships offered by Bendigo Bank and applications are now open. Please click here for more information.


Whilst our Year 11 students are well prepared for success as they enter into Year 12, some students may like to consider extra preparation though private tuition companies. As such, we provide the links below for your own assessment. Different companies offer a variety of subjects and some provide specific study skill courses, with most offering an early bird discount. We supply the links for your family’s own consideration.





We remind families that work experience placements should not occur unless the College deadlines have been met, and all the necessary paperwork has been correctly processed by the College. The final placements for 2021 are now occurring. It is very important to acknowledge that if students and employers decide to undertake a placement over the Christmas holidays, this is not covered by the College, and therefore does not have insurance protection and cannot count towards any VET requirements etc. If in doubt, please contact Mr Vizaniaris ASAP.


The new Gen Z Wellbeing Check 2021 report investigates the physical, mental and social health of Australian youth aged 15 to 24 by examining their habits and issues in the key wellness areas of mental health, exercise, sleep and diet.

Students are invited to join Year13 Co-founders, Saxon Phipps and Will Stubley and National Commercial Director, Annie Mulders on Tuesday 14 December at 1:00 pm as they look into:

  • The rate of Gen Z mental health issues generally and amongst specific subgroups including males and females, LGBTQIA+ youth, low-SES youth and youth with disability.
  • The top local and global issues impacting their wellbeing.
  • Their fitness and exercise habits including sport participation rates.
  • Their sleeping habits including what’s keeping them awake at night.
  • Their dietary habits including what’s stopping them from eating healthier.

Please click here to sign up and receive your exclusive copy of the report on the day.

Mrs Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Careers Counsellors