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Careers and VET Services


The last careers newsletter for 2021 is currently being finalised and will be emailed to students private email addresses before the Graduation Ball. This newsletter will include information to help with results day, SATAC preferences, and other transition information. We ask any student that has recently set up a new personal email account to email Ms Coorey or Mr Vizaniaris over the next week so we can update out records.

Students, please ensure you can log on to your ‘SACE students ONLINE account’. For some this may require a password reset and we strongly encourage this to be done in the next week. Click here for more information.

Students who have already completed a Certificate III which earned 60 SACE Stage 2 credits, and passed the Research Project may already be a getting a SATAC offer for some Flinders University courses that have as their minimum ‘VET Higher Education consideration’ a Certificate III and or completion of SACE.

1 December is an important deadline. Please ensure all SATAC online applications are finalised by this date. This means payments made, USI added and if required, Equity and Certificate III Proof and Teaching Competency Statements uploaded. Please keep an eye on the inside cover of the SATAC Guide or key dates section on the SATAC website for other important dates.

There are many popular courses that have a red flag on the SATAC website which states, “this course may close after December 1st”, this means if it is not somewhere on your SATAC preferences by 1 December, you may not be able to add it after. Students must check this carefully. You can change the order of preferences after 1 December, however not all courses can be added as a preference after this date.

Students will not be able to enroll in courses in January if they do not have a Tax File Number. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to apply for your free Tax File Number immediately.

Please note that Monday 13 December is SACE results day. This is the only day Careers Counsellors will be available to meet with students on campus.

The International College of Hotel Management course have been added to the SATAC Guide. You may wish to find out more on a ICHM ‘Discovery Day’ held on Monday 29 November from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.

ICHM Discovery Days aim to get you thinking differently about your post-high school studies and career development, covering a range of exciting topics including international business and tourism, luxury hotel design and hospitality opportunities.

Please email admissions@ichm.edu.au for more information.

Students interested in any course at TAFESA should apply through SATAC now. We have no record of student’s TAFESA applications, so we ask students who have applied to email us. Nearly all students who apply for TAFESA will be invited to sit the CSPA. We encourage students to arrange to do this ASAP i.e. in the coming week. Students will then be eligible for first round offers.

University of Adelaide
Students looking into studying a course at the University of Adelaide that has Physics as a prerequisite should consider signing up for the next bridging online course that begins 15 November. Please click here for more information.

Please note there has been a change to Bachelor of Construction Management which no longer has Maths Methods as a prerequisite.

UniSA have just uploaded a new video on their YouTube about Year 12 Guaranteed Entry. There are also some great webinars and videos coming up, click here for more information.

Whilst the double degrees in Engineering/Business have been withdrawn from SATAC, students can apply directly when enrolling at the university.


There have been many traineeships and apprenticeships advertised this week on SEEK such as ‘Certificate III in Hospitality at the new Oval Hotel. Click here for more information. There is also an ad for an Apprentice Electrician at TCM Beverly, please click here to view details of this position.


The University of Adelaide HeadStart Program, Flinders University Extension Studies Program, and the University of South Australia Accelerate Program give high achieving students the opportunity to study at University while still in Year 12, and have these university studies count towards the SACE and the ATAR.

Whilst studying at university part-time, Year 12 students not only have the opportunity to find out what university life is like before they even finish school, but also contribute to and benefit from the diverse cultural and intellectual life of a university. Students can receive credit towards their university course depending on what university they attend and what course they enrol in.

Each of the three universities have different types of extension studies. At the University of Adelaide, it is free, but there is a very competitive application process. The majority of their courses require in person attendance at tutorials and workshops. Flinders University charge approximately per semester and parents need to cover this cost. Flinders University have both in person and online subject offerings. University of South Australia focus on online learning predominantly in the Business faculty. The first 100 highest ranked applicants can enrol for free and after that there is the normal HECS cost which could be as much as $1500 per semester and is paid for by the family.

Please note: Both approved Certificate 3 and higher education subjects are classified as recognised studies in the SACE and only one can contribute to ATAR.

Each of these schemes requires a recommendation from St Michael’s College. Listed below are criteria that would be considered in supporting a student’s application:

  1. Record of A grades in Year 11, in a particular related area of study.
  2. Record of excellent attendance, behaviour, attitude and organisation in Year 11 reports.
  3. Students have the support of the relevant Head of Department at St Michael’s College to indicate their assessment of your suitability to undertake such study.
  4. Given the impact on attending subjects at St Michael’s College we would need to know if you are doing in person courses, and that you have a means of transport/parking to and from the University to minimise lessons lost at school.
  5. Agreement that the student will make it a priority to attend compulsory events at St Michael’s College including the retreat. This could mean a lower score for tutorial participation due to absences.
  6. The agreement by the family that they are willing to cover any costs associated with extension studies.

The conversion from the University level of achievement to scaled score for ATAR is very generous. For more information please click here.

For more information regarding these programs please click the links below:

University of Adelaide HeadStart Program

Flinders University Extension Studies Program

University of South Australia Accelerate Program

The first step is to check if you meet the criteria, and then identify a relevant course at a university. There is a two part application process, the first application can be collected from Student Services or via emailing Ms Coorey (rose.coorey@smc.sa.edu.au) and it is due Friday 19 November. Once approved at the College level, students will make an application to the relevant University. Please note that not all applicants are approved for the scheme and as such all applicants remain enrolled in their “other” St Michael’s College subjects until accepted.


If you’re passionate about wildlife and interested in a career with animals and conservation, please consider attending the Careers Day at Adelaide Zoo.

This special full day event gives students a chance to learn all about the variety of careers that are needed to keep a zoo running. The education team will introduce students to a range of guest speakers from animal care, horticulture, marketing and administration, as well as investigating training pathways to animal-related careers.

Please note that students will need to independently register and attend as the College does not facilitate this event.

The Careers Day is open to students in Years 10, 11 and 12 and is held on Friday 19 November from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm. It is $45 per students to attend, please click here to book.

For more information, please contact the Adelaide Zoo education team on (08) 8230 1258 or azes@zoossa.com.au for any enquiries.

Mrs Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Careers Counsellors