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The SATAC University Application Deadline is 30 September for Equal Consideration.

Any Year 12 student contemplating a university pathway in 2023 (or even to defer and take up in 2024) should register a SATAC Application by 30 September. Once students have an eight digit SATAC registration number, they have the ability to add further preferences, change the order, or even delete preferences through to 4 January 2023.

There are a few exceptions where course applications close before 4 January.

30 September: Final closing date for Medicine, Dental Surgery, Oral Health and Veterinary Bioscience at the University of Adelaide.

30 September: Final closing date for Year 11 Flinders Grade Scheme.

28 November: Final closing Date for Creative Arts Drama at Flinders.

1 December: Final closing date for Medicine at Flinders.

Please note that almost all courses are flagged with a statement that they may close and not accept new applications after 1 December 2022. It is important that all preferences you may be considering are amongst your preferences by those dates. Click here for more information.

Many students who have applied for an eligible Flinders University course and entered and uploaded details of their Certificate 3 on the SATAC Website, can see they may have an offer on their SATAC Application. If this is the course students want to enrol in that is fine, just wait for enrolment details likely to be sent in January. Students can always add other preferences up until 1st of December and then change the order of preferences through to 4th January. That way, once Year 12 results are released if there is a different first preference students may still get an offer for that course. This is assuming by the 4 of January there is a different course as a higher preference.

Year 11 Grade University of Adelaide and Flinders University Conditional Offers emails went out this week. Please note Flinders will keep emailing out offers up to the closing date of 30th September. Their Year 11 scheme is STILL open.

Students may have an offer from each University. The key to this, given SATAC will only make one offer, is that by January 4 students need to have their most preferred Conditional Offer course ranked higher than the other Conditional Offer amongst their SATAC preferences.

We have some students with 4 offers in place, one with certificate 3 via Flinders, a Conditional Offer through Flinders Assessment Centre, a Conditional Offer based on Year 11 grades at Flinders University and another Conditional Offer through University of Adelaide. A very confusing time, so please seek help if required. All these offers require a completed SATAC Application by 30 September at the minimum.

Students needing help with their applications should book in at the LEC desk for an appointment with one of the Career Counsellors. We remind students that there is a comprehensive PowerPoint on the Careers and VET Portal on SEQTA. Look under Important Info: Career Presentations Year 12 Student SATAC Presentation. It explains the application process, complete with video links.


The Flinders Year 11 Grade Admission Pathway application deadline is 30 September for both SATAC Application and Flinders application on the Flinders Website. Many students have now received an email from Flinders flagging their Conditional Offer. If students want this course, then by January 4 2023 it will need to be their highest competitive preference on their SATAC Application. Students need to achieve their SACE and meet any set prerequisite and fulfill any other application requirements.

A reminder that Flinders base their considerations on the best five Year 11 subject grades, and students just need to satisfy SACE* and any prerequisite and application requirements to take up a Conditional Offer. Another difference with the University of Adelaide scheme is that the grades can go to a minimum of three B grades and C grades for some courses. Your ‘eligible’ Flinders University preference needs to be your first preference by 30 September 5:00 pm. It can be changed in preference position after that.

*Note: A minimum ATAR of 70 is required for all Education/Teaching courses even under the Year 11 Grade Scheme.

Click here for more information.

There is a livestream information session on Friday 23rd September:

Did you miss the Flinders Open days? You can register for Open 365 and see the recordings by clicking here.


Application deadlines for TAFESA Semester 1 2023 offers stretch through to December, however we continue to remind students that if a course becomes competitive, offers are based on date of application. Students should apply to their chosen course ASAP.


The deadline for most interstate courses through the relevant Tertiary Admission Centre is approximately 30 September. It is imperative interested students check these dates carefully and well before to ensure no early closing dates or extra application requirements need to be submitted in advance.

Queensland: QTAC
Western Australia: TISC
(Note: Northern Territory courses are in the SATAC guide)

Ms Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Career Counsellors