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Absentee Line - Text 0417 596 611 or Phone Primary 8150 2397, Secondary 8150 2323 or Email

SEQTA / Consent2Go

What is SEQTA?

SEQTA is a collaborative teaching and learning system that connects teachers, students and parents as an interactive and supportive community. To find out more, please follow this link:

All students at St Michael’s College are able to access SEQTA via their student portal, SEQTA Learn, by using their username and password. All students must access the site through the following link:

All parents can access SEQTA to keep updated on what their child is currently working on and when assignments are due. This also allows parents to access school reports and read the daily notices in a similar interface to the students. Parents are encouraged to install the SEQTA Engage app on their Apple or Android device and enter the following

Functionalities of SEQTA include:
  • Recording students daily attendance;
  • Communicating with parents/caregivers;
  • Recording student achievements and awards;
  • Storing teaching and learning resources;
  • Uploading student reports.
Parent SEQTA Access

Parent access to SEQTA begins on receipt of an activation email from SEQTA with an invitation to create a username and password within seven days of receipt of the email.

For those existing parents who are experiencing problems with SEQTA Engage passwords, please contact from your registered email address for assistance.

Please note that SEQTA provides an App on both Apple and Android. Simply search for ‘SEQTA Engage’ and log in with the credentials received in the email. Major advantages of the App include push notifications and fingerprint /face ID security.

What is Consent2Go?

Consent2Go is a system which replaces current paper processes for collecting parent contact details and student medical information. Consent2Go also manages incursion and excursion processes, including informing parents and obtaining parental permissions for these events.